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Scary: Male Breast Enlargement on the Rise

Other than Doc I don’t think any of us really enjoys the idea of getting older.

What with the thinning and the graying of your hair, the loss of energy and vitality and the saddening state of affairs that turn up in the bedroom from time to time ? getting old is no picnic.

But then you throw into the mix these findings from a recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine – and suddenly the idea of getting older gets a whole lot scarier.

All thanks to a new feminizing trend that as it turns out is a lot more common than most people ever thought. A trend that literally threatens to rob millions upon millions of men of their most precious commodity – their manhood.

The trend I?m speaking of is called Gynecomastia or enlargement of the breast tissue in men.

And I?m here today to warn you that if you?re not taking steps now to halt this vicious assault against your manhood – you could be in for some very unpleasant surprises later on down the road.


Gynecomastia is an incredibly embarrassing condition cause by the enlargement of breast tissue in men.


Rising Estrogen Levels May be Turning You into a Woman!

Right now it?s week erections? a diminished sex drive?and a flabby gut?but very soon you could need a BRA! So it?s imperative that you protect your manhood today with this one simple solution.

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But get this; at some point in their lives nearly HALF of all men are going to experience the symptoms of this feminizing condition.

So just what causes Gynecomastia? The short answer is a growing imbalance in the ratio of testosterone and estrogen in an aging man?s body.

As we age our body?s production of the sex hormone testosterone slowly dwindles over time and is replaced by the female sex hormone estrogen ? a process more commonly known as Andropause or ?Male Menopause?.

And when the levels of estrogen in your body get too high your body weight increases, your sex drive and erectile function decline, your bones become weak and brittle and in many cases female breasts can even begin to develop.

Even worse the more overweight you are the greater your risk of developing Gynecomastia ? so for the sake of your manhood the balance must be restored!

Because if you don?t do something today by the time your 60 there?s a very good chance you?ll have less testosterone pumping through your veins than your wife and more estrogen than a pre-pubescent schoolgirl.

Not to mention you may need to wear a bra!

Testosterone Therapy:

I?m sure by now you?ve probably heard all about the amazing results Testosterone Injections have received.

But unfortunately, Testosterone Replacement Therapy just isn?t for everyone.

It?s a very painful and expensive procedure in which a doctor injects testosterone directly into one of your larger muscle groups in order to restore the balance of your sex hormones.

Even if just for a little while ? and there in lies problem with this procedure, other than the pain and the hefty price tag ? it?s also only a temporary fix.

So you end up having to repeat this procedure again and again ? until eventually your body adjusts to the treatment and it stops working all together.

And if you?re like me and the idea of getting regular injections of testosterone with a needle the size of a large steak knife leaves you feeling a bit faint ? then your only other option is to turn to our good friend Mother Nature.

My preferred method – especially since her solutions are always a lot less painful and usually just a fraction of the cost of the more main stream medical treatments.

Restore the Balance ? Quickly & Naturally:

Diindolymethane: Or DIM for short is an all natural plant compound found in all cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage) that helps balance the male/female sex hormones in your body.


You weren?t getting any younger ? until today that is!

Thanks to this amazing new groundbreaking hormone you can literally turn back your body?s internal clock by as much as 20 years! This amazing new supplement is the future of anti-aging medicine ? but you can take advantage of all the amazing benefits today!

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Here?s how it works ? first DIM stimulates your body to more efficiently metabolize estrogen into estrogen metabolites (good estrogen).

This results in less free estrogen (bad estrogen) in your blood stream which in turn stimulates your body to produce more testosterone for maximum manliness!

Secondly, DIM encourages your body?s metabolism to produce the most beneficial mix of vital sex hormones.

This is by far the best method I know of to help you achieve or maintain a lean muscular physique minus the feminine features, have amazing sex at any age, super charge your immune system, increase your energy levels and improve your overall quality of life in general!

The only problem is to get the kinds of benefits from DIM that I mentioned above you?d have to consume massive amounts of those vegetables every day ? it just wouldn?t be a realistic goal.

So in order to keep things as simple for my readers as possible I always have a plan B.

Plan B. Supplements:

Granted it?s not as easy to find as your standard multi-vitamin but supplementing with DIM can have a massive effect on just about every aspect of your manhood.

By simply lowering the levels of estrogen in your body and ramping up your body?s internal production of testosterone you can literally turn back the clock on the degenerative effects of again.

You can rekindle your dwindling sex drive until it burns like wildfire, melt away unwanted fat and replace it with lean muscle mass and basically just get back to feeling and living like a real man again.

So my advice for you today is I highly recommend finding a high end potency supplement that contains concentrated DIM.

They can be found in most of the ?high end? health food stores and vitamin shops. But remember ? always shop for quality.

When it comes to natural supplements you ALWAYS get what you pay for. That?s why I use a product called Mandro RX

Mandro RX contains therapeutic amounts of highest quality concentrated DIM and it also has a slew of proven estrogen fighters that have been clinically show to reduce the production of estrogen in men – and help stimulate their natural production of the critical male sex hormone testosterone.

Taken regularly this one simple supplement can prevent and even reverse this feminizing assault on your manhood ? and get you back to living life like a Real Man again.

And the best part is – you won?t have to worry about finding bras that come in your size any time soon.

Stay Healthy!


Best Life Herbals


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