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SAD: How to Keep Seasonal Affective Disorder at Bay for a Happy Holiday Season

SAD: How to Keep Seasonal Affective Disorder at Bay for a Happy Holiday Season

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD crops up most often when sunlight is at its weakest. And that usually corresponds with winter months. As part of our women’s health and wellness articles, we wanted to give you some tips to battle SAD without a prescription.

Before starting any kind of therapy, see your health care professional and ask if some of these natural solutions are right for you.

What Is It

Let’s start by looking at what SAD is. When the seasons transition from summer’s long, sunny, warm days to shorter, colder and darker days a personality shift can occur. It’s seasonal depression and, unfortunately, it hits right at holiday time.

Just when you’re supposed to feel upbeat and happy to have friends and family around, SAD can give you the winter time blues.


Besides feeling down in the dumps as fall moves into winter, other symptoms of SAD include decreased energy, sleeping more than usual and an inability to focus and stay on task. Eating also increases which creates weight gain and, you guessed it, increased depression.

It’s All About the Light

Get Outdoors: Short of taking jaunts to the Caribbean every few weeks, women’s health and wellness experts suggest getting more exposure to light especially natural light between the hours of 6 and 8 AM.

If morning light isn’t possible for you because of your schedule, try to take your lunch break outside or in a spot where you can soak up some natural light. Even a cloudy day will help.
Indoors: Natural spectrum lights are easy to find in stores and on the Internet and switch to light colored fabrics and rugs.

Light Boxes and Visors

SAD is a serious health issue that makes it difficult for women to get everything done at the holidays.

There are specially designed light boxes that provide the intense light needed to lift your spirits. There’s even one that simulates the dawn and switches on when you wake up each morning. The light slowly gets brighter as the morning wears on.

A spin on this is a personal light visor that throws particles of light into your eyes like the sun does in the summertime.

Do What Makes You Happiest

This may sound over simplistic but it’s true: Engaging in the activities you enjoy most will lighten your mood. Save some vacation time to use in the winter for optimum health and wellness.

And a great part of this is to spend lots of time outside in the sunshine. Like to cross-country ski? Put a party of friends together and ski from inn to inn.

Vitamin D3

This is a crucial part of women’s health and wellness because it can help combat SAD symptoms. The best source of Vitamin D is the sun, of course, but everyone is deficient in Vitamin D.

Taking a Vitamin D3 supplement will ramp up your levels of Vitamin D and keep you happy and balanced.

Watch Out

Keep an eye on SAD symptoms. If they worsen, make sure to talk with a health care provider as soon as possible to rule out any other causes.

Time to have a happy and healthy holiday season and keep the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder at bay.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team


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