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Retire…not me!

Retire… Not Me!

This ride may get a little bumpy… but stay with me on this one… because it’s really important to consider.

Today I want to talk about what I think is one of the most profane words in the English language… Retire.

Many of my acquaintances have suggested that I should retire and take it easy…

Relax…you’ve earned it,” they say…

But to me, “retire” means quit.

Webster’s definition of retire backs me up…

Retire (n) – To withdraw, retreat, go to a place of privacy.



Never!  I’m no quitter…

Retire, quit, quit, retire…they’re synonymous in my book.

Many people retire on a daily basis… some move on to other dreams and sometimes even other careers… I, myself, retired from the fire department and became a police officer.

But there are others who treat their retirement as a license to simply quit. 

And I don’t mean quit working…

I’m talking about the people who just quit living and sit around thinking about what was or could have been.

Pretty soon they have no reason to get up in the morning… sometimes not even changing out of their pajamas… they simply sit around, and seemingly, wait for the Reaper.

All of that inactivity can lead to all kinds of problems…the poor eating habits, the lack of exercise… before long the transformation is complete and all that is left is a replica of who they used to be.

It’s a deadly, painful lifestyle that I’ll have no part of.

Pay close attention to what I say… that kind of living will slowly do you in.

When someone asks why I haven’t retired I tell them I’ve moved on.

I was a firefighter for twenty seven years… but that was then.

I don’t look back and say what if or maybe if I had done this or that.

That was then and I am living in the now.

Now I’m a police officer and considering moving on to other quests.

Rosemary tells people that I still don’t know what I’m going to be when I grow up.

Some of my fellow firefighters that retired from the fire department about the same time that I moved on to another career are now no longer with us.

I remember them admonishing me for moving into another career.

Their favorite comments were “I’m gonna fish and drink some beer” or “I’m just gonna play golf.”

They did and they became really overweight and out of shape…some developed breathing problems and for others…walking became a problem.

I remember hearing about their gatherings which involved plenty of greasy fried food, booze and sitting around talking about the past.

They retired but I moved on, I’m still here and healthy, and they’re not.

I moved on and my only complaint is that the days aren’t long enough.

I need more time for triathlon training… I plan on entering in an Olympic triathlon this year… and I also plan on taking up kayaking.

My dog Jake still likes our long walks and running at dog park and being out when I’m mowing the lawn.

There is plenty to do that doesn’t involve sitting around.

A lady by the name of Martha Graham once said “What is important right now is the movement of the moment.”

So if you’ve retired it’s not too late to move on.

You can change the deadly transition.

Start walking, start exercising and get involved in something new and physical… it doesn’t have to be another job… it can be a hobby or setting a goal.

Start your new quest!

Enjoy the movement of the moment and you’ll enjoy life!


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