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Resveratrol – Even Better Than We Thought?

Resveratrol - Even Better Than We Thought?

Dear Health-conscious Friend,

Resveratrol Breakthroughs the Media Missed

Like most readers of The Journal for Healthy Living, you probably take vitamins and herbs as part of your personal health plan. I do, too. So when I see the media bashing a supplement I believe in, I’m concerned.

Lately, they’ve taken aim at resveratrol.

The trigger was an Italian study that didn’t support the so-called “French Paradox.” That’s the seemingly odd fact the French eat quite a bit of fat, but have a low rate of heart trouble.

The media seem to have turned this one study into “resveratrol is no good.” Based on other studies from the last couple of years, they may be taking it too far.

So, before you throw out your resveratrol, let’s look at a few news items the media seem to have missed…

Let’s start with research presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society.

Scientists at Duquesne University discovered that resveratrol may promote better balance with age. Older animals they fed resveratrol achieved the steadiness and balance of much younger animals in just 4 weeks.1

Since falls are a major risk for mature adults, this could have a big impact. But drinking a little wine won’t help. The researchers figure it would take hundreds of glasses of wine to see the benefit. Which is why a resveratrol supplement makes sense.

Not long ago, a team from 3 major universities combed through the human trials on resveratrol. They found clear evidence resveratrol has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.2 This is based on many studies… not just one.

Another recent study looked into one of those anti-aging properties. You see, resveratrol triggers a process called “mitochondrial biogeneration.” This is a fancy way to say your cells make more mitochondria – tiny bodies that make the energy that powers your cells.

Normally, the number of these little energy factories drops as a cell ages. Creating more keeps your cells acting more like younger cells. This new study showed resveratrol works though a very specific gene… SIRT1.3 Scientists call SIRT1 “the longevity gene.

Two recent Canadian studies also revealed anti-aging effects.

In one study, scientists literally put rats on a treadmill. Half ate a regular diet. The others ate a diet with added resveratrol. For 12 weeks, they worked out daily on a treadmill while eating the different diets.

Both groups showed improvements in exercise capacity after 12 weeks of workouts. But the resveratrol group improved 21% more than the other group.4

The 2nd Canadian study looked at resveratrol’s effect on metabolism. The researchers took animals with blood sugar issues, high levels of belly fat and too much fat in their blood. Then they added resveratrol to their diet.

All three of these problems improved in the animals taking the resveratrol.5

The Italian study may have made for good headlines. But we’re just beginning to understand the benefits resveratrol may hold. And, as these studies show, those benefits could be very far-reaching.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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