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Reality Strikes

Reality Strikes

Reality StrikesHB was disappointed to miss our last race. But she’s even more disappointed her hip has severely limited her exercise.

Our run/walk sessions have been a lot of fun, especially since they give us time to spend together without interruption. They’re also a key element of our anti-aging plan. HB has been anxious to get moving again.

Maybe too anxious. Her hip hasn’t been making the progress we’d hoped, so she headed back to the chiropractor. His concern: a hidden fracture.

As it turns out, there’s no fracture. The problem appears to be HB has been trying to do too much too fast. Even though she feels as though she’s been taking it easy.

But our bodies just don’t bounce back the way they used to. This is a tough lesson for anyone to learn. And for someone used to going full tilt, full time, it’s even tougher.

HB has two speeds: flat-out and asleep. She juggles multiple businesses, pursues an active social life, and dotes on her extended family. Taking it easy isn’t normally part of her vocabulary.

Now, it may have to be. The chiropractor says she may not be 100% for six months if she continues to overdo it.

That’s a challenge, because we’ve already signed up for our next race. And it’s only seven months away. The doc’s clear message: Take it easy now, or you may not be ready for your next race.

So we’ve been working on helping HB slow down.

If she’s going somewhere, I push her to at least carry her cane. That way, if she tires, she has something to lean on. And she’s making a point to stop and take it easy every so often.

I think an injury I sustained three or four years ago has made it a little easier for HB. I pulled an Achilles tendon – and it was almost a year before I was back to 100% She doesn’t want to wind up in my shoes.

It’s one of the biggest challenges of staying in shape. As we get older, we tend to injure more easily… and recover more slowly.

We’ve stayed healthy through our workouts. But we may have to be more cautious during the races. That shouldn’t be too hard. Yes, we like to push ourselves a bit… to do a little better than the last time. But we’re mostly out to have fun at these events.

We’re in this – quite literally – for the long run. As we get older, I guess that means being a little more cautious. You may be able to run through the pain at 20. But not at 50 or 60.

HB has gotten the message. She won’t be pushing her body as hard in August as she did in November. After all, it’s better to be able to run slowly than not at all.

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