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Progress is Better Than Change

*Editors Note: Attention! This message is for our female subscribers… men feel free to read… but do keep in mind, we’re talking to the ladies.

There is a difference between change and progression.

Change can be large or small… sometimes transforming something 180 degrees from what it started out to be… and normally happens when something isn’t working.

It can be drastic… and change can happen overnight.

Progression is different…

Sure,  progress can be big or small… but rarely is there a huge, overnight transformation.

And unlike change… progression usually happens when something is working.

And that’s what I wanted to talk to you about today… Best Life Herbals progression.

When this company started out… it’s goal was simple… to provide the its members with the not only the latest and up to date information from some of today’s leading health experts, but also to produce only the highest quality, nutrient rich herbal supplements ever available.

I’d like to say that we’ve been successful in both areas… as not only is the information you receive top notch… but there aren’t many herbal supplement companies that can vouch for the quality of their products like Best Life Herbals can.

And our success is measured in the health of our members… because the members are our most important asset.

Right from the beginning… we knew that in order to prosper… we had to listen to what our subscribers had to say about our products, as well as the health information we give.

You talked… we listened.

And together, we have shaped Best Life Herbals.

When we received requests for a stronger herbal prostate formula… we searched the world for only the most potent ingredients that had been proven to enrich or protect the male prostate…

And we delivered Prostarye

When we received requests for a faster-acting, testosterone increasing formula… we again did the research… finding and designing one of the only drinkable male health formulas on the market…

And we delivered TestoForce

This has happened with a few of the products that Best Life Herbals offers… and most of requests came for our male members.

We weren’t hearing from the ladies much… and our products have reflected that fact.

However… that fact has changed.

Over the last couple of months… a few of our female members have been contacting us… wanting to know when Best Life Herbals is going to start concentrating on more feminine based information and products.

Well, ladies… that time is now… and we’d love to hear from you.

We want to know any of the health issues that could be affecting you in your life as a woman…

We want to know if there are any herbal remedies that you would like us to look into…

So, please… give us your feedback!

Best Life Herbals is progressing… and just as before… we are going to need the help of our members to take that next step forward.

So drop us a line…  send us an email…We can’t wait to hear from you!

And… as always…

Stay Healthy!

Shawn Ambrosino
Best Life Herbals

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