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My Healthy Memory


Rare Deep-Forest Secret Boosts

Memory and Mental Clarity

Exotic plant from deep within ancient forests…

  • Helps you think more clearly

  • Promotes a positive outlook

  • Supports “steel-trap” memory

For centuries, the “hidden mountain mushroom” has been prized by herbalists across the Eastern world. Growing deep in forests – only on certain trees and at certain times of year – science is finally coaxing the secrets from this mysterious mushroom.

Here in the West, it’s called “Lion’s Mane.” And it may be the most powerful mushroom ever discovered for promoting a sharp mind and healthy memory. Studies show Lion’s Mane supports increasing mental clarity over time.

And now Best Life Herbals has combined Lion’s Mane with Nature’s most powerful memory boosters to bring you the ultimate memory formula: My Healthy…Memory.

  • B vitamins to promote crystal-clear memory.
  • Copper, Magnesium and Selenium for healthy brain function.
  • Ginkgo biloba to support a razor sharp mind.
  • Plus essential amino acids and other nutrients your brain craves to run at maximum efficiency.

Finally, you’ve discovered the last memory booster you’ll ever need.