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Doctor Jeffrey’s Complete Pain Relief Formula


Say “GOOD-BYE” to Nagging Pain

Chronic pain sidelines more people than almost any other health issue. That’s why I sought out 12 powerful pain solutions for Doctor Jeffrey’s Complete Pain Relief Formula.

Generations of healers have used passion flower to help people relax. New research shows it may be effective against some forms of nerve pain, too.

Curcumin is a traditional pain buster from India. The latest studies show it helps ease sore joints and other types of pain.

A remarkable modern discovery comes from New Zealand. The green-lipped mussel contains an Omega-3 fatty acid that’s 200x more potent than fish oil. In human trials it crushes pain without stomach upset.

MSM – another pain fighting, modern breakthrough – is a rich source of sulfur – an element your joints need to stay healthy and pain-free. MSM encourages lower pain level and greater joint flexibility.

And these are just 4 of the pain-busting secrets in Doctor Jeffrey’s Complete Pain Relief Formula. Order Now!