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Preventing Bone Loss

According to a report from England’s University Hospital, nearly 13% of men – and fully a quarter of all women – suffer a broken hip by the time they’re 90. Nearly half (45%) aren’t able to return home to live. And a third of them die within a year.1

The risk of broken bones increases with age. This is largely because we lose bone mass. Our bones normally reach their peak strength by the time we’re 40. From then on, you can lose 1% – 2% of your total bone mass every year. And for women, those numbers accelerate after reaching the “change of life.”

But there are a number of safe and natural steps you can take to protect your bones. Research even shows you can reverse bone loss. Today, I’ll tell you how. And I think you’ll be surprised by some of what you discover.

The Right Tools to Build Stronger Bones

Some of the oldest – and best – advice for protecting your bones is to get plenty of calcium. And, as you may know, getting enough vitamin D is important, too. Your body absorbs calcium more efficiently with vitamin D.

But you may not know about a couple of other minerals that help maintain bone strength. Both magnesium and boron help build and preserve bone tissue. Magnesium is essential to several processes involved in strengthening and preserving bone.2 And the US Department of Agriculture reports that adding boron to your diet builds greater bone health and strength.3

So taking the right supplements is a great first step towards building stronger bones. But there are other ways to protect yourself from the pain and hassles of broken bones.

Greater Activity = Stronger Bones

In every study I’ve seen, exercise helps preserve bone strength. And failing to exercise leads to a loss of bone density. But don’t worry, you don’t have to become a “gym rat” to get the benefits of exercise.

A sports medicine study found that 20 minutes of moderate exercise just three times a week was enough to maintain bone density. And low-impact exercise provided almost exactly the same benefit as high-impact.4

That’s a good first step. But you can boost the benefit of exercise.

According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, combining exercise with extra calcium is more protective than exercise alone. But the researchers found that exercise plus hormone replacement was even more effective for women who’ve reached menopause.5

You should be aware, though, that more than half the women in this study experienced side effects from the hormone replacement regimen. If you consider this route, I recommend you stick with bioidentical hormones. I feel they’re safer and more effective.

Finally, let’s discuss a couple of unusual ways to protect your bones.

Bone-Health Boosts You Didn’t Expect

We all love the flavor that herbs add to our food. And most people know that some herbs are good for their health. But did you know that herbs can build stronger bones, too?

Animal studies done in Switzerland indicate that herbs high in essential oils – such as sage, thyme and rosemary – help prevent bone loss. They do this by blocking molecules that cause the removal of minerals from bone.6 So use these savory herbs freely in your recipes.

Another common substance linked to bone health is – believe it or not – alcohol.

Researchers in Boston found that women who drink moderately have stronger bones. Even adjusting for supplement use, exercise and other factors, alcohol proved to be protective.7

Of course, I’m not suggesting you take up drinking. But if you already drink a little red wine for its heart-health benefits, your bones are getting a bonus.

Protecting your bones is essential. And it can be pretty easy, too. Get the right nutrients. Exercise regularly. And even enjoy an occasional glass of wine – guilt-free.

Yours in good health,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team
Best Life Herbals

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