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Powerful Vision Booster Going to Waste

Powerful Vision Booster Going to Waste

The Powerful Vision Booster We’ve Been Throwing Away

Science seems to have a love-hate relationship with coffee. For years, conflicting studies have either touted its health benefits or demonized it.

But everyone seems to agree on one point. Your morning cup of Joe is missing one of coffee’s biggest potential health boosters.

Coffee beans are high in a substance called chlorogenic acid (CGA). That’s the good news. The bad news is that most of coffee’s chlorogenic acid is destroyed by the roasting process.

So when you drink a cup of coffee, you’re getting almost no CGA at all. And that turns out to be a shame, because a new study from Cornell University hints that CGA may be a powerful vision booster.

Your retina – a thin layer of light-sensitive cells in the back of your eye – is one of the most delicate tissues in your body. And retinal cells are especially prone to free radical damage.

The researchers in Cornell’s food science lab tested CGA on retinal tissue in mice. When they pre-treated mice with either CGA or coffee extract, the damage from free radicals was far less than in untreated mice.2

Damage to the optic nerve usually results in vision loss due to cell death. But nerve cells in mice treated with CGA showed a higher survival rate after optic nerve damage.

The next step for the Cornell team will be to discover whether CGA can pass from blood directly to retinal cells. If so, this could be a huge breakthrough for vision health.

Drinking coffee won’t get much CGA into your system. As I mentioned, the roasting process destroys most of the CGA in coffee.

But there is a way to get CGA’s potential benefit. It’s a nutritional supplement called green coffee bean extract (GCBE). This extract is made from unroasted (green) coffee beans. And unroasted beans are high in CGA.

What GCBE isn’t high in is caffeine. A typical daily dose of green coffee bean extract has about one fifth the caffeine of a cup of strong coffee. So you don’t have to worry about getting coffee’s “buzz” – followed by the inevitable caffeine crash.

GCBE is widely available as a nutritional supplement. And it appears to have health benefits beyond defending the delicate tissues of the eye.

A recent analysis of several studies found clear evidence that GCBE supports healthy blood pressure.2

Other studies suggest the chlorogenic acid in GCBE may partially block glucose absorption3 as well as key enzymes linked to blood sugar problems.4

Add in that it likely promotes visual health, and you can “see” we’ve been throwing away one powerful nutritional supplement.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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