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Powerful “Double-Duty” Remedy Eases Pins and Needles Foot Pain

If you suffer with that annoying “pins and needles” sensation in your legs or feet, you understand frustration. Because the cause of pins and needles is different from the causes of most pain, they don’t always – or even often – respond to common remedies.

But there is a natural answer that works remarkably well. It’s a remedy that works double duty – making it an especially potent ally against sore, aching, “pins-and-needles” feet.

But before we reveal how this potent herbal extract can beat pins and needles… let’s explore a second benefit that makes it ideal for handling all your leg and foot pain issues.

Put Relief of Leg and Foot Pain Into the Express Lane

Leg & Foot SootheDoctors agree that topical pain relievers often make the most sense. If you have a pain in your foot, an oral pain reliever has two drawbacks.

First, the pain isn’t in your stomach. But that’s where an oral pain reliever goes first. From there, it can be absorbed in to your blood stream to deliver relief.

But that means oral pain relievers can take a long time to start to work. Plus, there’s a second problem.

Oral pain relievers don’t target where you hurt. As the pain reliever is absorbed into your blood stream, it’s not delivered just to your aching foot. It goes to your whole body. Only a small percentage actually reaches where you hurt.

This is why a topical pain reliever could put relief into the express lane. Applying the pain reliever directly to where you hurt could deliver maximum relief in the shortest time possible.

But there’s one little problem. Your body is designed to keep this from happening. But there’s an answer… and we’ve put it to work in Dr. Jeffrey’s Leg and Foot Soothe.

Your Own Defenses Block Pain Relief

You’re plagued by the nearly constant sensation of pins and needles. You crave a break. If you could just rub some sort of pain reliever right where you hurt…

But, if you do, it will almost certainly be pointless. Because your skin is designed as a barrier.

Imagine if your skin could absorb anything it came into contact with. The world is full of toxins, bacteria, heavy metals, and other dangerous compounds. If you absorbed all these through your skin, you wouldn’t last very long.

So your skin’s outer layer – the stratum corneum – has become a protective barrier. It blocks absorption of dangerous toxins and bacteria. But it blocks absorption of health-boosting compounds, too.

That’s where terpenes come in. Terpenes are natural compounds that relax your skin’s defenses. Combine them with pain relievers, and you can get more relief where you hurt in a lot less time.

What does this have to do with pins and needles? I’ll explain in a moment. But, first, what are these terpenes?

Solving the Topical Problem

In the last 20 years or so, scientists have figured out Nature has an answer to the “topical problem.”

Terpenes are natural substances found in essential oils. And study after study shows terpenes can help move pain relievers – and many other compounds – through skin barriers they couldn’t otherwise penetrate.

They’re also backed by plenty of studies… and appear to be more effective than most other options.1

So, what are these terpenes? The most familiar is menthol… the active component in peppermint oil.

In early studies, menthol boosted the absorption of some medicines by 10 to 100 times.2

You read that right. Adding menthol to a pain reliever, could deliver relief up to 100 times faster!

Terpenes – like menthol – are safe, effective, and 100% natural.

There’s just one other problem to overcome…

Leg and Foot Soothe Ingrediants

The Secret to Getting the Biggest Effect

Menthol is incredibly effective at boosting absorption of relievers. As we saw above, it can boost absorption of active ingredients up to 100 times. But menthol doesn’t work with every compound.

Menthol works well getting water-soluble compounds absorbed through your skin. But it’s not as effective with compounds that dissolve better in fat.

Fortunately, other terpenes are exactly the opposite. One of them is limonene.

One study showed limonene can boost absorption of some compounds by over 400%.3

As the name suggests, limonene is found in citrus peel – especially lemons. And the essential oil from lemon peel is another key ingredient in Dr. Jeffrey’s Leg and Foot Soothe.

Combining menthol with limonene helps ensure you’ll get the fastest relief from every ingredient in the formula – whether it’s more compatible with water or fat.

Plus, studies show terpenes provide maximum effect with minimal skin irritation… very low toxicity… and work well, even in tiny amounts.4

Could it get any better? Yes, because here’s where we go back to those annoying pins and needles.

You see, menthol can do a lot more than just help other compounds absorb through your skin…

It’s Also a Potent Pain Reliever All on Its Own

A 2008 report in the journal Biopharmaceutics & Drug Disposition listed 3 benefits of menthol. First, it cools on contact. Second, it dulls pain. And third, it boosts absorption of other compounds through your skin.

Yes. Boosting absorption isn’t menthols key benefit.

Menthol is almost like a mini-refrigerator. Wherever it touches, you’ll feel like the temperature has dropped.

Plus, it dulls pain.5 That’s why it’s so popular in throat lozenges.

We’ve known menthol has these benefits for a while, but how it works has been something of a mystery.

Why Menthol Is So Effective… Even Against Pins and Needles

According to research in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, doctors didn’t know how menthol worked until 2002.

That’s when scientists discovered menthol has a strong attraction to the TRPM8 receptor in cells. In fact, they only discovered the receptor itself in 2002.6

But when menthol connects with this receptor in your cells, the result is a cool feeling and less pain.

And here’s where pins and needles come in.

Pins & Needles Linked to Key Cell Receptor

In a 2006 study, scientists in the United Kingdom looked at the effect of menthol on a Pain triggered by a common form of nerve damage. This damage is what usually leads to the pins and needles sensation.

In this animal study, activating TPRM8 with menthol successfully blocked the sensations triggered by nerve damage – and other types of pain, as well.7

In a 2008 human study, menthol produced 75% positive results.

Applying menthol directly to affected areas led to cooling and a drop in pain in three-quarters of the volunteers in the study.8

Finally, in 2010, scientists tested menthol against perhaps the toughest challenge of all.

Some life-saving drugs have serious side effects. In some cases, the drugs can lead to suffering pain or long-term pins and needles.

Menthol produced results within two weeks. And, in the end, three-quarters of the volunteers experienced noticeable improvements.9

And menthol is just one of the advantages of Dr. Jeffrey’s Leg and Foot Soothe.

Everything You Need to Make Your Legs and Feet Feel Younger

Your legs and feet work tirelessly. They take a heck of a beating. That’s why Dr. Jeffrey’s Leg and Foot Soothe is such a blessing.

It contains nutrients, moisturizers, smoothers, and soothers… Everything you need to help your legs and feet feel their best again.

You can’t turn the clock back… but you can defy the effects of age. You can ease pins and needles… replenish lost nutrients… promote healthier, more youthful skin in your legs and feet.

And essential oils are just the start.

Dr. Jeffrey’s Leg and Foot Soothe could be your key to renewed independence. The nutrients in Dr. Jeffrey’s Leg and Foot Soothe can deliver the relief you need to reverse the effects of time.

Relief that could have you feeling stronger, more energetic, and more youthful.

And here’s even better news…

Discover Real Relief Without Risk

Dr. Jeffrey’s Leg and Foot Soothe comes with Best Life Herbals’ full-year satisfaction guarantee. We promise you’ll be thrilled… or we’ll refund the purchase price. For up to a full year.

We’ll take the risk so you can enjoy real relief without worry. The kind of relief you may have thought was out of reach. Thanks to the ingredients in Dr. Jeffrey’s Leg and Foot Soothe, it’s not.

Prove it to yourself… without risk. And discover how to save over 20% while you’re at it. Why not check out Dr. Jeffrey’s Leg and Foot Soothe now? You could start enjoying sweet relief in just days.

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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