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Positive Mental Attitude

“A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.”
                                                                                                                                Patricia Neal

I’m really happy to say that I know some senior citizens who I consider exceptional and are excellent examples of the way Senior Citizens should try to live.

First there’s Mr. P. who is seventy soon to be seventy-one and is a force to be reckoned with.

He cycles 20 miles a day and runs 2 miles a day. I’m not saying that all seniors should ride great distances and run every day, but if possible they should get up every morning and plan a day of healthy activity.

When I asked Mr. P. how he maintains his life style he said, “Doc I have PMA”. I asked for an explanation and he replied “Positive Mental Attitude. When I get up in the morning and I can move I know I’m going be active and do things. I live an active life; I don’t spend a lot time sitting in front of a TV or computer. And I’m careful about what and how much I eat.”

He recently participated in a 500 mile bicycle ride that he and his group completed in seven days. I certainly agree that he is an exception and an inspiration. He’s obviously trim and fit and happy with his life.

He said he has to do the ride one more time because if he does his son will buy him a new road bike.

Next is my neighbor’s 86 y/o mother who is another senior citizen with PMA. Joan is another active, happy, trim and fit senior citizen with a fantastic outlook on life.
This past Christmas she was at her daughter’s house up on a ladder stringing Christmas lights with her grandson.

She’s another person who is mindful of how much and what she eats, and it shows. If she told you she was 55 you’d believe her. She said she recently gave up cycling because the traffic makes her nervous, so she walks two miles a day. And when this lady walks it’s with a purpose.

Joan is always up and happy, she’s a great role model for her family as well as anyone she comes in contact with.

Then there’s Herb. Herb is also an 86 y/o senior citizen who bikes, walks and is a downhill skier. I’ve never seen Herb ski but I’ve seen him cycle and walk and go through the Hammer workout routine I taught him and he’s an impressive senior citizen.

Herb always has PMA and anyone who meets him walks away a much happier person. I’m not going to leave my wife Rosemary out of this session. She’s 66 y/o and inspires me on a daily basis. She recognizes her limitations but never says I can’t. If there’s an exercise she can’t do she finds an alternative exercise. She refuses to give in and allow arthritis to control her life. Rosemary is another senior citizen with PMA.

Robin Babb said, “With positive goals, attitude and desire any obstacle can be overcome.”

Rosemary has goals a positive attitude and desire and she has refused to allow rheumatoid arthritis to stop her from living an active life.

Think about what you’ve just read and work at developing your own PMA and live a happier and healthier life.

As always never say you’re too old or you can’t because you’re not and you can. Those with PMA never say I’m too old or I can’t.



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