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Popular Foods Can “Accelerate Aging”

Popular Foods Can Accelerate Aging

Popular Foods Can Accelerate AgingIs This the Reverse Fountain of Youth?

You’re running late for work, so you hit the donut shop drive-through. Since it’s summer, you order a diet cola and a pastry. You know you’re not doing your health any favors here… but you probably never suspected this quick meal was a recipe for accelerated aging.

Doctors have known for years that certain food additives can interfere with hormones… mess up mineral absorption… promote clogged arteries… contribute to bone loss… and cause kidney trouble. Studies also suggest they may boost your risk of heart trouble.

Now we know these same additives may speed up the aging process, too.

And, yes, they’re perfectly legal to put into your food.

These additives are called phosphates, and they’re a favorite with the powerful junk food industry. Which may help explain why they’re still in use.

Part of the argument is that lots of foods contain phosphorus – the main element in phosphates – naturally. And people have been eating these foods for eons.

That may be true, but the natural phosphorus found in foods is hard for your body to absorb. Up to 60% of it just passes right through.

But your body absorbs up to 100% of the phosphorus in phosphates – and junk food delivers much higher levels than you’ll find in most of Nature. So when make these foods a regular part of your diet, your body can be overwhelmed with excess phosphorus.

And a Harvard study suggests that one of the effects may be to put aging into high gear.

Using three groups of mice, the Harvard team tested the effects of phosphates.

The first group was missing a gene called “klotho.” When this gene is missing, phosphorus builds up in mice to toxic levels. These mice lived only 8 – 15 weeks.

The second group was missing two genes – klotho and a 2nd gene that blocks the effects of the missing klotho gene. These mice all lived about 20 weeks.

The third group had the two missing genes, but ate a high-phosphate diet. By week 15, they were all dead – just like group #1. And all showed signs of accelerated aging.1

Mice aren’t the same as humans… but do you want to take a chance when we already know phosphates may be linked to so many other health issues?

Colas are one of the biggest sources of phosphates in our diets. Americans drank more than 9 billioncases of soda last year. And the top three best-selling sodas are all colas. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ll also find high levels of phosphates in many packaged foods, baked goods, flour and processed meats – such as ham, sausages and bacon.

If you want to put the brakes on aging, avoiding these foods would be a good start.

Yours in continued good health,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

1 Ohnishi, M. and Shawkat, R., “Dietary and genetic evidence for phosphate toxicity accelerating mammalian aging,” FASEB Journal. Apr, 23, 2010; 24(9): 3562-3571.


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