The “Facts” of Life Don’t
Have to be True

It wasn’t always like this: the unenergized sex drive, frequent urination, and weak erections. You know that age is just a number, but you didn’t realize that an enlarged prostate could make it so much harder to feel youthful.

Over half of men over the age of 60 suffer from an enlarged prostate. By the time you pass 70, that number reaches a staggering 90%!1

Prosta-Rye does more than just offer a proven solution to a problem that so many men face; it affords them a choice:

Between a rejuvenated sex life or frustration in the bedroom.

Between sleeping through the night or making constant trips to the bathroom.

Between strong urinary health or weak flow, dribbling, and urgency.

Between total prostate relief or a life encumbered.

The cornerstone of Prosta-Rye’s tried and true efficacy is its simple yet incredibly powerful formula…

A proverbial one-two punch of a special Rye Flower Pollen Extract and Maca Root that proves it doesn’t take an expensive miscellany of ingredients to achieve remarkable results.

Graminex® G63® Flower
Pollen Extract™
  • From the world’s exclusive grower, harvester, and producer of non-solvent extracted, standardized flower pollen.
  • Every batch meets exact specifications for phytosterol and amino acid – quality is never a question.
  • A blend of complimentary extracts ensures your body gets the most out of every capsule.
  • Amino acids, vitamins, and minerals get right to work repairing cells and restoring prostate function.
  • 9 out of 10 patients saw improvement in symptoms of perineal pain, erection, ejaculation difficulty and pain during urination.2
Maca Root
  • A secret weapon in rebuilding your sexual drive and stamina. Its use dates back to ancient Incan warriors, who chewed it for stamina and virility.
  • Boosts libido, enhances sexual desire, improves overall sexual experience, and boosts erections, as measured by ED scores.
  • Goes beyond reigniting your spark in the bedroom by promoting sharper memory, greater stamina, and a happier mood. An incredible feat for an all-natural root!
The usual suspects in prostate relief supplements, such as Pygeum Africanum, simply can’t perform the way Prosta-Rye does. In a study of 89 men with enlarged prostates, the active ingredient in Prosta-Rye was: 3


More effective at improving urinary flow.


More effective at relieving irritation and discomfort.


More effective at controlling residual urine.


More effective at shrinking a swollen prostate.

If you think that Prosta-Rye’s position atop the competition is staggering, just look at the numbers that got it there:4,5,6,7
Problem % of who got relief
Residual urine or "dribbling" 92%
Difficulty starting 86%
Nighttime frequency 85%
Straining 56%
Weak urine stream 53%

At Wellspring, offering products that help restore the life you want to live is our mission, and it’s one that isn’t accomplished until we know you’re 100% satisfied.

Here’s what real men who have had real success using Prosta-Rye have to say:

“The only product I can ever remember purchasing that delivered on absolutely every promise made…”

“The older we get, the more sure we are to receive a thousand come-ons. So, it was with little expectation that I purchased Prosta-Rye. On the night of the day it arrived, there was no relief, no change... nor did I really expect any. By chance, I had also hit an all-time high of getting up: 7 times.

During the second night, to my amazement, I only got up 3 times. The third night, I only had to relieve myself once. Last night, my fifth taking Prosta-Rye, I didn’t wake for the first time until 5:03 am! I could finally return to my normal waking hour, and felt truly rested in a way I haven’t for years. 

I had completely forgotten that men naturally wake up with an erection in their youth, but the next morning I was able to experience that again.  There is absolutely no doubt that Prosta-Rye works. It is the only product I can ever remember purchasing that delivered on absolutely every promise made.”

— Jim L.

Prosta-Rye has done a great job for me. I started on Saturday when I received them, and by Tuesday I got relief. I will be ordering more soon!”

— James M.

Prosta-Rye simply works for me where no other product does. I have tried most other products, all without success. I take one small tablet every night, and the job’s done. I have been using Prosta-Rye since 2011!”

— Ray S.

“I really like it! Prosta-Rye works.”

— Harold V.

Relief You Can Trust

At Wellspring, a division of Best Life Herbals, providing our customers with the purest, safest, and most effective remedies is priority number one. That’s why every ingredient we use is evaluated by independent, third-party analysts, and why each bottle is tested and retested to ensure you’re getting exactly what’s on the label: the best, safest ingredients.

By adhering to these strict standards, we’re proud to have earned the GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) Seal, awarded by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The best ingredients mean the best solutions; the best solutions mean your Best Life.


to finally alleviate your major prostate problems, restore optimal urinary health, and get back to the sex life you’ve been missing. Join the thousands of men who have discovered freedom in a capsule – experience Prosta-Rye for 30-days, free.

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