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Opti-Male contains powerful herbs to ignite sexual performance and maximize your manliness. This life-improving formula will deliver more masculinity in a single capsule than most other male virility products available.
The ingredients in Opti-Male can foster your body's production of healthy testosterone so you can stop making excuses and feel like the man you really are again!  
And you should know, the amount of research that has been done on these ingredients is overwhelming! Medical experts have literally searched the world for the "most potent" and effective testosterone boosters they could find!
Let me tell you more about some of the superstar ingredients in this formula, and what they can do for you:
■ Indole-3-carbinol ... reduces estrogen levels, which leads to fat accumulation and can interfere with muscle growth. In other words, as you age, you are more likely to develop fat instead of muscle because of rising estrogen levels. Indole-3-carbinol takes estrogen out of the equations, so the fat is pushed back in favor of muscle. In fact, in a clinical study, indole-3-carbinol cut the largely female hormone estradiol in half for men.  
■ Epimedium ... is an herb that has a powerful effect on boosting the uptake of certain hormones in the human body, including testosterone. The elevated testosterone effects of epimedium are old news in bodybuilding circles. They know it will help them bulk up and keep them strong!
■ Diindolylmethane ... or DIM, has been proven in studies to also help eliminate active estrogen from men by promoting its conversion into the "good" metabolites. These metabolites then free up testosterone. The end result is a healthier balance of testosterone to estrogen, and more free testosterone circulating in your body.  
■ Mucuna Pruriens ... Sperm motility and sperm density were significantly increased as a result of elevation in testosterone
levels. No side effects were noticed during the entire duration of
the trial.1,2,3,4
This study supports the usage of Mucuna pruriens by Indian medicine as a sexual invigorator and to increase the number of erections. Extracts of Mucuna pruriens produce a significant and sustained increase in sexual activity.  
■ Tribulus Terrestris ... Findings validate the traditional use of Tribulus terrestris as a sexual enhancer. In one study, the concentration of blood testosterone increased. Tribulus also appears to possess aphrodisiac activity.5,6
■ L-arginine HCL ... Studies shows that this nutrient is effective for improving erectile function, and that it's effect continues for up to 6 months. Moreover, there is some evidence that erectile function continues to improve the longer it is used.7
opti-maleRemember, HALF of your testosterone can be GONE by the time you reach middle age. If you are feeling like the millions of men who are overstressed, weak, and have a lack of sexual drive, taking a supplement is a MUST!
Low testosterone is a hidden health problem that will change your life, for the worse. It will cause you to feel and act less like men than you want.
Look and feel confident while you perform at your peak with the trusted ingredients in Opti-Male. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  
Opti-Male only contains potent, proprietary key ingredients that are all known testosterone boosters. Together, these natural ingredients work to help increase blood flow to your extremities to intensify your libido. It also includes a vitamin blend of vitamins B12, and B6, to fuel your body for both work and play.
And it's nearly always the same problem ... Low, and getting lower, testosterone. Now, you may know something about this topic. But honestly, most men know very little about testosterone. They think of it as this "man juice," or cave man fuel that makes us tough, hairy and horny.  
And really, that's not too far from the truth. Testosterone levels play a VERY important roll in our normal, healthy male function. Low levels don't just kill your sex life, it affects your whole body and mind.

I highly recommend you reply now for Opti-Male. It will make you stronger, sexier, healthier, more energetic and full of confidence!

As a medical doctor, I've seen far too many men over the years who have lost their manly edge!  I tell them, just like I'm telling you, if your testosterone levels are low, you'll continue to suffer from fatigue, muscle loss, embarrassing "man boobs," weight gain, sexual distress and other health problems ... unless you do something about it.
I can tell you without a doubt ... you need a natural testosterone booster to restore your manhood, ease your "bedroom hangups" and build your confidence and energy back up.
I don't want to see YOU feel like all is lost like other patients I see that wait too long!

What exactly is testosterone ...

Clinically speaking, testosterone is a brain-stimulated steroid hormone that's produced naturally in the testes in males and in the ovaries in women (yes, women!) Testosterone has two major functions in the human body ...
  1. It's needed to form and maintain the male sex organs and promote secondary male sex characteristics (in both men and women) such as voice deepening and hair growth patterns.  
  2. Testosterone facilitates muscle growth as well as bone development and maintenance. In short, it does, and affects a LOT. Especially those traits that make a man, a man.

So when testosterone levels start to decline it can cause:

Opti-Male​   ✔ Loss of sexual function and desire

    ✔ Breast enlargement

    ✔ Decreased muscle mass

    ✔ Moodiness

    ✔ Weight gain

    ✔ Loss of confidence ... and more ...

Unfortunately, after age 40, your testosterone levels naturally start to take a nose dive ...

Keep in mind, if you're feeling the "low testosterone blues," it's not just you. It happens to nearly every man, regardless of wealth, education, or marriage status. Every man will begin to lose, and stop producing, testosterone after age 40. It's a universal male slump!
Opti-MaleIn fact, it's a known medical fact that as men age, testosterone can drop up to 3% each year starting after age 30. This troubling statistic is complicated by the fact that it often comes at a time of life when stress and responsibility is at its peak. A true double-whammy.
So if you lose 3% of your testosterone a year after age 30, by the time you're 50, you've likely lost up to 60% of your testosterone! That's more than HALF your normal levels of testosterone! So it's no wonder you feel weak, tired, anxious, unconfident, and even like a female sometimes!
But remember, it's not your fault!
It just happens. The only thing that may be your fault is sitting around and NOT doing anything about it. If you don't like how you feel these days, then don't just sit idly by and watch it get worse. Take a stand and get the testosterone back in your body that you need! That's ALL it comes down to...Pumping your body full of the nutrients it needs to produce testosterone again.

Opti-Male is an, all natural supplement that helps flow new testosterone into your body!

The good news is that there's nothing wrong with your "manhood" that can't be fixed quickly and naturally. And that includes your sex drive, sexual stamina, muscle mass, energy and mood.
Opti-MaleOpti-Male was formulated from the ground up with ONLY natural ingredients that are PROVEN in scientific studies to help quickly restore testosterone levels. These are powerful ingredients that can restore your energy and vitality.
They can help you drop weight and gain lean muscle. They can also give your sex life a tremendous jolt! It's that simple. The more testosterone you put back in your body, the more you'll feel like the strong, confident, virile man you were in your 20s!
But let me warn you, if you sense your testosterone levels are low, and do nothing, it's only going to get worse. And you're going to start to feeling even worse. Why? Because testosterone and several important hormones will continue to decrease every year. That's a fact.

And unfortunately, low testosterone is a serious, widespread problem that doctors have few medical solutions for.  

Don't wait until your manhood is completely sapped from your body!

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But let me warn you ... If you choose to do nothing, you may continue to suffer the consequences of low testosterone for years to come, and may well end up at a really low spot in your life. I've seen it happen too many times.
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