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Once you've spent at least $500 at Best Life Herbals, you'll receive an email to join our Wholesale program for FREE and receive at 15% discount on every order. Spend more to get bigger discounts (see below).

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All Best Life Herbals formulas ingredients are purchased directly from high-quality US suppliers. Each ingredient is infrared tested for purity and potency.

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Since you're buying wholesale, you get our best prices - which means you get to make more money.

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3 Different Wholesale Tiers


Save 15% off all supplements

Must have spent more than $500 on BLH products


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Once you spend at least $500 at Best Life Herbals, you'll automatically join our Wholesale program as a Bronze Member for an immediate 15% off your next order.

To achieve greater savings, all you have to do is spend more to work your way up the wholesale pricing tiers. Silver Members save 25% per order, and Gold Members save 35%.

If you are a current customer and have spent at least $500 at our store and have not received an invite to join our wholesale discount program, be sure to contact us now.

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From our Satisfied Customers

Ray S

"Prosta-Rye, it simply works for me where no other product does. I have tried most other products all without success. I take one small tablet every night and the jobs done. I have been using Prosta-Rye since 2011."

Janet W

Have tried everything. Pharmacuticals including all herbals. Deltasom is the only herbal I have found that is fast acting like some medications but without the hangover effect.

Bradley E

Thanks so much for the Dr. Jeffrey's Foot and Leg Soothe. I'm a diabetic. The tingling and burning and pain in my feet has STOPPED. This is an awesome product. Thanks Best Life Herbals!