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Oysters – The Secret Behind the World’s Greatest Lovers

Oysters - The Secret Behind the World's Greatest Lovers

Dear Health-conscious Friend,

The Secret Behind the World’s Greatest Lover

Handsome, witty, and very persuasive with the opposite sex, Giacomo Casanova has held the title of “world’s greatest lover” for more than 200 years. During an adventurous life, he rubbed elbows with Europe’s royalty, literary elite, and church leaders.

And he famously rubbed a lot more than elbows with their wives.

Some of Casanova’s story may be legend, but there’s no doubt he had a very active love life. However, he didn’t accomplish it all on his own. Casanova had a secret.

Every day for breakfast, Casanova ate 50 oysters. Don’t laugh. Here’s why you might want to add a few oysters to your weekly menu…

Old wives tales aren’t always tales. Oysters are a perfect case in point. If scientists decided to design a food to boost male sexual function, it would come out looking a lot like an oyster. They’re bursting with nutrients that improve performance and pleasure.

Most famously, oysters are high in zinc. Just 6 medium oysters – about 3 ounces – contain more than 500% of a man’s daily zinc requirement.

Zinc concentrates in men’s reproductive organs. And low levels of zinc are closely linked to male fertility problems. Men with low zinc levels are also more likely to have trouble getting and maintaining erections.

That same small serving of oysters also delivers 76% of a man’s daily requirement of selenium. This trace mineral is also closely linked to male fertility and potency.

Oysters are loaded with heart-healthy Omega-3 oils, too. 565 mg in a 3-ounce serving. And, yes, Omega-3’s are linked to men’s sexual health.

A healthy heart means healthier circulation. And healthy circulation means you can get blood where you need it, when you need it. In a university study, infertile animals given DHA – an important Omega-3 found in oysters – actually regained their fertility!1

Certain vitamins are also linked to male sexual health.

New research shows vitamin D may be key to healthy erections. Italian doctors tested vitamin D levels in men with erection problems. They discovered men with severe erection problems were much more likely to have very low levels of vitamin D. The researchers suggest this may be because vitamin D is critical for healthy circulation.2

Six medium oysters contain about 2/3 of the vitamin D a man needs. They’re also an unusually rich source of choline.

Technically, choline isn’t a vitamin. But it’s an essential nutrient closely related to B vitamins. Your body uses it for several functions. One of the most important may be as the basic building block of acetylcholine (ACH).

ACH is a key neurotransmitter – a chemical that carries messages across the gaps between nerve cells. ACH is especially important for nerve and muscle function. It’s also the chemical that sparks sexual messages in your brain.

Vitamins are important to sexual performance, but so are amino acids. And oysters are a great source of a key amino acid: L-arginine.

Your body uses L-arginine to trigger the release of NO – nitric oxide – which keeps blood vessels elastic. Flexible arteries deliver blood more efficiently… so you can see why that would be important.

Finally, oysters can boost desire, too. That’s what researchers reported at the 2005 meeting of the American Chemical Society. They discovered oysters contain two chemicals that trigger the release of sex hormones.3 (The levels of these substances are highest in the spring.)

Men, if you’re looking for a boost to your love life, there are nutritional supplements that can help. But consider adding oysters to the mix. They’re the perfect food for sparking romance. Just ask Casanova.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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