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Obesity in the Bedroom

It’s hard to turn on a television or pick up a magazine without being bombarded with a slew of “lose a 100 pound in 30 seconds without exercise” type advertisements.
And even though most folks recognize these ads for what they are – SCAMS. The weight loss industry as a whole continues to rake in billions of dollars every year selling their snake oil treatments to desperately overweight Americans.

There is of course a very good reason for this – because according to the most recent government figures reported on in the Journal of Public Health roughly 66% of Americans are currently over weight or obese.

That’s bad news for everyone involved – obesity drastically increases your risks of contracting numerous very serious health concerns, such as erectile failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke or worse.

For years experts suspected that obesity was a condition that was destined to affect a small percentage of the population due to certain genetic or metabolic factors.

But as these new figures come to light it’s become readily apparent that certain lifestyle choices and environmental factors are the real culprits.

We Need to Stop Blaming Bad Genes:

In my opinion it’s that very realization that’s going to help many Americans pull their faces out of their feedbags. It’s easy to blame bad genes for being fat – but with that kind of mindset change is impossible.

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And an immediate change is exactly what’s needed in this country. We’ve forgotten what it’s like to get outside and work up a good old fashion sweat – and we’ve grown apart from the diet Mother Nature intended for us.

Don’t get me wrong I like to rent a movie, order a pizza and melt into my recliner just as much as the next guy. But I try not to make a habit out of it and so should you.

Eating a healthy balanced diet is a lot easier that most people think – most of the foods we’ve come to enjoy over the years fit right into a healthy eating plan. The real problem that needs to be addressed is the foods we should avoid like the plague.

About 9-10 years ago I stopped drinking soda. Not completely, I still have one at a restaurant every now and again – but I stopped drinking it every day. And over the course of the next year I lost almost 30 lbs without any other changes to my diet.

What are your unhealthy food vices – and are they really worth sacrificing your long term health, sexual performance and your physique over? Especially when there’s so may foods out there that you can and should be eating that taste just a good.

Steak, chicken, fish, nuts, berries and an entire shopping list of different fruits and veggies – we all have our favorites so let’s start keeping more of them on hand.

Get Your Butt in Gear:

And just as important as a balanced diet is regular exercise – is working up a good sweat on your to-do list today? Because it should be!

Now I’m not asking you to run a marathon or become a power lifter or anything crazy like that. But a modest amount of physical activity at least a few times a week is going to work wonders for you – especially in the bedroom.

By all means keep it simple – take a walk, go for a swim, ride your bike hell you could even fly a kite. Just get out and do something and you’ll notice an immediate improvement in all facets of your life.

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It doesn’t take very much at all – researchers at Duke University Medical Center found that men and women who lost just a small percentage of their body weight enjoyed significant improvements in the quality of their sex life and function.

And get this – the most significant improvements were seen during the first three months of the study. So it doesn’t take very long at all to right this ship.

Just imagine – 3 months to better more fulfilling sex, harder erections, youthful energy, better health and an overall sense of wellbeing that can only come with vigorous good health.

Start today and in just a few short months I know you’ll be thanking me. So now there’s nothing to it – but to get up and do it.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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