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No More Aching Joints

No More Aching Joints

Aching Joints? Try These 7 Top Supplements to Banish Joint Pain

According to the National Institutes of Health, 100 million Americans suffer with chronic pain. That’s more than a quarter of the population! But I’ve found a lot of people can ease – or even end – their pain with simple inexpensive nutritional supplements.

Not every supplement works the same for everyone. That’s why I’ve created several pain-fighting formulas over the years. But here are 7 top supplements to banish joint pain …

• Green-lipped Mussel Extract (GLE): European settlers were amazed at how little joint trouble native New Zealand fishermen had. Green-lipped mussels were a big part of their diet. The extract – GLE – contains a pain-fighting Omega-3 that’s 200 times more potent than fish oil.1

• Boswellia: The same tree that gives us the precious spice, frankincense, also yields boswellia. Indian herbalists have used it for centuries. Modern research shows boswellia fights the systemic irritation linked to many types of pain – including chronic joint pain.2

• Hyaluronic Acid (HA): There’s a little Hyaluronic acid in almost every cell in your body. But most of it is in your joints. HA is a key element of the synovial fluid that cushions your joints. The World Health Organization lists it as safe and effective for relieving joint pain.3

• Turmeric: If you like curry, then you’ll love turmeric. This spice is the source of curcumin, which fights systemic inflammation. In a recent Thai study, people with chronic knee pain reported less pain and stiffness while taking teurmeric.4

• Type II Collagen: “The Barnyard Miracle,” type II collagen is a byproduct of the poultry industry. One Canadian study found it more than twice as effective as glucosamine and chondroitin.5

• MSM: You need sulfur for healthy joints. MSM – methylsulfonylmethane – is a safe and effective way to get it. 75% of the volunteers in one MSM study reported 80% relief from joint pain in just 6 weeks.6

• CMO: This cetylated fatty acid was discovered in 1974, when a doctor found it protected mouse joints from damage. In people with chronic pain problems, cetylated fatty acids appear to promote better joint function.7

Of course, these aren’t the only nutritional supplements to promote pain relief. But they’re among the very best… and among the least known.

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Which is best for you? That will depend on the type of pain you suffer, and your body’s unique reaction to the ingredients. Chances are, though, that one or the other can help you enjoy significant relief from your pain.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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