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New Beginnings

Every beginning comes from some other beginnings end…

And after years of faithful service…our good friend Louis will be leaving us to concentrate on other ventures…and though we are sad to see him go…we are happy that he is seeking other avenues towards his own personal growth.

With his departure…The Journal For Healthy Living published by Best Life Herbals was in need of a new researcher…someone to continue bringing our loyal readers the newest breakthroughs in the world of Alternative Health and Longevity. I am most happy and proud to announce that this challenging but wonderful task has fallen into my welcoming arms.

Hello, my name is Shawn Ambrosino and I’m one of the most naturally inquisitive people that you’ll ever come across.

I am fascinated with facts and the inner workings of a broad range of subjects…thoroughly investigating points of interests until I find out EVERYTHING I need and want to know on a subject.

But NOTHING interests me more than how the wondrous human body works and how we can get it to constantly perform at peak efficiencies, stay healthier longer, stave off illness and disease, and most importantly, what we can do to make this fascinating machine operate for 100+ years.

My approach and the information I’ll be bringing you will always be from a natural approach. I’m a huge proponent of finding safe, proven, easy, NATUAL ways to accomplish the goals I mentioned above.

When I was approached by Best Life Herbals…I was excited at the possibilities…there are so many new areas of health, longevity and fitness that are just BEGGING to be explored…I couldn’t wait to get started!

I will be DIVING in head first into an area of study that I have a LOT of experience in…but never have had the time to investigate as much as I would have liked. But now, I’ll be bringing you many different topics and lots of important information on alternative health. The kind of information that YOU and I not only want to know…but as we move through life…things we NEED to know!

Being a former collegiate football player…fitness and health have been a VERY important part of my life for over 20 years…but now…as I grow older…I’m finding that my body does not respond as it once did and as it is IMPOSSIBLE to rewind time…I have decided to take a PROACTIVE approach to repair my OWN body’s…

· Aching and inflamed joints

· High Blood Pressure

· Prostate issues

· Immunity and Allergy problems

· Sexual Drive and Performance

I plan on researching these areas THOUROUGHLY and finding the best ALL-NATURAL remedies that have been used EFFECTIVLEY by indigenous peoples of ALL areas of the globe…because if it worked for our forefathers…it’s good enough for me!

How Nature Takes Care Of Us

Did you know…

That the native Maori people of New Zealand show little to NO joint degeneration over their life span?

It’s true…because of the abundant food sources that was available to them…the Green Lipped Mussel… was very high in glycosaminoglyca—a NATURAL and EFFECTIVE mineral that helps in both repair and pain relief in enflamed and sore joints!

Did you know…

That the ancient Inuit Indians (Eskimos) of the north rarely experienced complications stemming from diseases of the heart?

Their diet was rich in fish oils and that fortified their heart tissue against MANY of the issues and diseases that plagues our society today.

Or maybe you’ve heard about how Africans used the bark of the White Willow Tree to relieve pain that ranged from simple headaches to childbirth.

All of these are examples of how MOTHER NATURE has kept a watchful eye out for us over the millennia…and these ancient remedies will work for US as they did for our ancestors because…

In the day and age when our meats are injected with artificial hormones and our produce is covered in chemical insecticides…

It’s nice to know that there are some NATURAL alternative solutions to MANY of the health issues that we face today.

And it is my goal to find these solutions for YOU!

High expectations? You BET!!

I want this newsletter to be YOUR number one source of comprehensive health information…and I plan on doing that by digging DEEP into the almost inexhaustible information that’s out there…

But I would ALSO like to hear from you…

I want YOU to let me know what interests you in the realm of natural health…

Is there a nutrient you would like me to find information on?

Is there an ailment that you would like a natural solution for?

Let me know what’s important to you…because if YOU have a question…there are OTHERS out there that want the same answer!

You can e mail me at

And I look forward to hearing from you…

Thanks and to your good health

Shawn Ambrosino

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