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No Need To Hold That Menu At Arm’s Length

No Need To Hold That Menu At Arm's Length

Dear Health-conscious Friend,

Close Focus: You Have Options

Everyone sees changes in their bodies as they age. Most of us add a few pounds. Many people have a rise in blood pressure. And others experience increasing joint pain.

But one change happens to everyone. It happens so slowly, you may not notice it for a few years… but it begins by the time you hit 40. And it will eventually have a serious impact on your quality of life.

“It” is hardening of the lenses in your eyes. And if you’re holding things a couple of inches further away from your face than you used to… it’s already well under way.

When you start having problems seeing up close, most doctors will tell you to get reading glasses. It’s the only answer they’ve had for decades.

The problem is, reading glasses don’t fix the problem. They just cover it up. As you get older, you’ll need stronger and stronger glasses.

That’s why a new approach has many doctors excited.

The new approach is a donut-shaped ring. Essentially, an eye specialist slices into your cornea, inserts the ring, and the ring helps make up for the lack of flexibility in your lens.

Now, if you’re like me, you just said, “Cuts my what?” But, yes, you read it right. They slice open the delicate tissues of your eye.

So far, the reports I’ve seen talk about this complex surgery as if it were slapping a bandage on a cut finger. But these are your eyes we’re talking about. So you deserve to know the whole story.

First, these rings aren’t available in the U.S., and don’t have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. So you’d have to travel abroad to get them.

Second, the main study on the rings involved only 507 people worldwide… and ran for only 3 years. The results were positive, but we have no idea what will happen in the long run.

Third, cutting into the delicate tissues of your eyes involves serious risk. So, if you have options other than a knife, they’re worth considering.

And you just may…

Back in 2010, I wrote to you about a little-known member of the vitamin A family. Even back then, this powerful antioxidant showed promise as a vision booster. In fact, way back in 2002, Japanese researchers discovered this antioxidant promoted better focus.

University researchers studied workers who spent their day staring at computer screens. The workers given this nutritional supplement had an improved ability to focus over different distances.1

These results were echoed in a 2009 Japanese study.2

Doctors at Japan’s Keio University School of Medicine recently tested the effect of antioxidants on focusing power.

Adults taking an antioxidant supplement showed a clear boost in focusing power over those who took a placebo.3

If you’re moving the menu further from your face to read, don’t worry. You may not have to wait for the new “rings” to be approved to get relief. You may not even have to pay the premium price astaxanthin commands.

A quality eye formula with plenty of antioxidants may be enough to promote more youthful vision now – and for years to come.

Yours In Continued Good Health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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