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My Top 10 Best Dieting Tips EVER

After the weekend I just had I feel almost silly giving advice on dieting. But it’s like I’ve said a million times before – if you stay vigilant, eat healthy and exercise regularly even a weekend like I just had won’t slow you down one little bit.
In my opinion the worst mistake people make with their diets is they think of them more as strict short term eating plans – with little or no room for indulgence.

But that’s just not the case at all. A Healthy Diet is a life long commitment – a marathon as opposed to a sprint.

And when done correctly – a healthy eating plan gives you plenty of lead way to throw caution to the wind and indulge your self from time to time.

So with that in mind – today I wanted to share what I consider to be the top 10 best dieting tips ever compiled.

These tricks are easy to implement, ultra effective and the best part is – if you can incorporate them into your everyday lifestyle they’ll give you the flexibility to indulge in those crazy weekends – and still keep you looking and feeling great.

# 10) Focus on Adding to Your Diet – Not Taking Away:

Don’t focus on the foods you can’t and shouldn’t be eating – instead put your focus on the foods you need to add to your diet in order to maintain optimum good health.

It’s just as important to your health and your waste line to make sure you’re getting 5-9 servings of fresh fruits and veggies everyday as it is to avoid snack foods.

And you’ll find that once you start meeting your body’s daily nutritional requirements first – your desire to snack will diminish rapidly.

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#9) Delicious and Nutritious:

Just because food is healthy doesn’t mean it has to be bland and flavorless. But unfortunately when following a healthy eating plan you’re going to want to avoid creamy sauces and gravies as much as possible.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor in the process. Instead of topping your foods with high calorie sauces or gravies try using different spices, chilies and fresh herbs – they’re delicious, healthy and low in fat.

So not only will you save yourself a ton of calories – but food that’s loaded with flavor also better satisfies your taste buds so you eat less.

# 8) Indulge Outside of Your Home:

We all need to treat ourselves from time to time – but it’s hard to avoid overdoing it when your favorite show is coming on and you have a half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer.

So save the snacking for special occasions like when you’re out to dinner or shopping in the mall – that way when you get home it’s back to business as usual.

#7) Make Sure You’re Really Hungry:

Hunger is your body’s way of telling you it needs fuel – so the next time you sit down to watch a little T.V. after dinner and you feel a craving coming on – ask yourself am I really hungry right now.

Remember – when you’re done eating you should feel satisfied not gorged, bloated or unable to move!

#6) Eat 4-6 Small Meals Per Day:

Studies have proven that people who eat 4-6 smaller meals spread out over the course of the day have fewer cravings and are better able to control their weight.

On top of that – eating smaller meals also helps keep your body energized so you burn more calories over the course of your day as well.

#5) Avoid Drinking Excess Calories:

This is especially crucial if you’re trying to watch your waist line. Because even healthy drinks like fruit juices are littered with excess calories – and at the end of the day they can really start to add up.

Just having a glass of juice with breakfast, lunch and dinner can add up to an extra 400 – 500 calories a day when water is really all you really need.

#4) Avoid Late Night Snacking:

I know it’s hard and nobody likes to snack as much as I do – but it’s critical to maintaining optimum health and a slender waist line.

So a little trick I like to use to avoid late night snacking is I make desert a regular part of my healthy eating plan. For me that means eating all the right foods first – so later on in the night I can reward myself with a tasty little treat.

And since I know I’ve already eaten all the right foods first – I can indulge myself free of guilt!

#3) Fill Your Pantry With Healthy Snack Foods:

Bite size pieces of fruits and veggies, nuts, trail mixes and my new personal favorite are those pre-made salad kits that come in a bag.

They make excellent snacks and they’re perfect when you need to grab a quick bite and get on the road. And if all you have are healthy snacks on hand – then you’ll always snack healthy.

And I’ve found that the easiest place to show self control is in the grocery store – once you bring junk food home with you there’s about a 100% chance you’re going to eat it.

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#2) Protein, Protein and more Protein:

Not only is protein more filling than carbohydrates – but eating foods rich in protein also helps your body build and preserve lean muscle mass while encouraging your body to burn more fat.

I recommend 4-6 small fist size servings a fresh lean protein every day – the richest sources are seafood, poultry, red meats, nuts and eggs.

#1) Get Active:

As important as your diet is to your overall health and waist line – it’s next to impossible to be truly fit and healthy if you don’t move your body.

No matter what your health goals – exercise is one of the keys to helping you achieve them. But don’t think you have to train like an Olympian or even join a fancy gym to achieve amazing results.

The truth of the matter is any kind of physical activity will do – walk your dog, take a swim, play some golf just make sure you do something every day that gets your blood pumping and a little sweat going.

Stay vigilant and the results you see will amaze you – couple that with a balanced diet and positive mind set and you’ll have found the real key to eternal youth.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

PS. In all my excitement I almost forgot to mention what is probably the best dieting secret ever devised by man. It’s so good that I decided I couldn’t even put a number on it – NEVER go food shopping on an empty stomach! Always wait until after you’ve eaten.

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