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The Miracle Pain Reliever Born In Volcanoes

My Top 7 Joint Pain Busters

Your joints are stiff and sore. Your muscles ache after you work out a little too hard. Or your back has been bothering you off-and-on for years.

Whatever the source of your pain, those aches can drive you crazy. Especially stiff, tender joints. If only doctors could come up with something natural that helped you cut through the pain… and get back to living again.

If this sounds familiar, there’s good news. Your wish has been granted. A pain-crushing secret has been hiding right under your feet since before human feet even existed. You’ll notice it if you ever visit an active volcano. But you can take advantage of its power without risking life and limb.

The Healthy Side of Brimstone

Volcanoes, many hot springs, and other areas where the Earth’s crust is thin or broken have something in common. They stink. That stink is caused by brimstone.

Today, it’s better known as sulfur.

Pure sulfur is poisonous. But your body needs it. In fact, only a half-dozen minerals are more abundant in your body.

Sulfur is involved in all sorts of processes in your body. One of the most important is protein synthesis. That is, you need sulfur to build virtually all of the tissue in your body.

Sulfur is especially abundant in connective tissues – like cartilage. Which may explain why this humble mineral can make a big difference for anyone with sore, achy joints.

Your body also uses sulfur to make important antioxidants like glutathione – sometimes called “the master antioxidant.” Studies also show sulfur compounds help ease muscle pain.

But you can’t eat poison. So how do you get sulfur into your body? One easy way is with the MSM in Best Life Herbal’s Nutranol Rx. Here’s why that’s such good news – especially for your aching joints.

Nature’s Super Sulfur Delivery System

MSM – or methylsulfonylmethane – is a safe, natural source of sulfur. You can find varying amounts in a number of foods.

Eggs, meat, poultry and fish are among the best sources. Vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and kale also contain MSM.

But the amount in the average diet may not be enough to keep up with the effects of wear and tear or other causes of pain. Especially since factory farming has stripped so many nutrients from our soil. The foods you eat may be much lower in sulfur than they were a generation or two ago.

Luckily, you can take MSM as a supplement. And the sulfur locked in MSM is highly bio-available. So you can safely get all of sulfur’s benefits.

Of course, you probably want to know how well MSM works. That’s even more good news.

Nutranol Supp Facts Box

Easing the Frustration of Stiff, Tender Joints

An assistant professor at the U.C.L.A. School of Medicine reviewed recent findings on M.S.M. In his research, he discovered…

  • M.S.M. and its related compounds are the source of up to 85% of the sulfur in human diets.
  • M.S.M. has extremely low toxicity. Patients in one university program had been taking as much as 2 grams daily for years with no ill effects.
  • The sulfur levels in sore, damaged joints is up two two-thirds lower than in healthy joints.

The professor than ran his own study.

He gave 16 volunteers with painful joint damage either M.S.M. or a placebo for 6 weeks. At 4 weeks, the M.S.M. group averaged 60% less pain that at the start. The placebo group showed only 20% improvement.

At 6 weeks, the difference was even greater. The placebo group’s pain was getting worse again. But the M.S.M. group had an average of 82% less pain than at the start.1

In a Middle Eastern study, 49 volunteers with long-term knee pain tested M.S.M. against a placebo. The volunteers ranged in age up to 90 years.

At the start, doctors measured the volunteers’ pain levels. They also measured their joint flexibility and other key signs of joint problems.

For 12 weeks, the volunteers took either a placebo or M.S.M. Then the doctors measured their pain, flexibility, and other signs a second time.

Both groups had been similar at the start. But after 12 weeks, the M.S.M. group had made significant improvements in both pain and joint mobility. Improvements the placebo group didn’t make.2

Finally, a Greek study tested M.S.M. with a group of volunteers who had painful hip or knee damage.

The scientists split a group of 100 adults into two similar groups. They gave one group M.S.M. daily. The second group took a placebo.

After half a year, the placebo group hadn’t made any real progress. But the M.S.M. group showed significant improvements on every measure the doctors used. Their pain was less, they were more mobile, and their quality of life was much better.3

These studies looked at M.S.M. alone. Some studies have combined M.S.M. with other joint pain relievers…

In 2004, researchers tested a combination of M.S.M., glucosamine, and chondroitin. Alone, all three have been shown to ease chronic joint pain. What would they do in combination, the scientists wondered.

Volunteers took this combination for 12 weeks. Doctors examined them every 4 weeks for changes.

At each checkpoint, the volunteers showed progressive improvements…

  • Overall pain and stiffness eased
  • Pain while walking, sitting, and sleeping lessened
  • They could walk further and handle daily tasks with less pain4

A study published in the journal Clinical Drug Investigation compared M.S.M., glucosamine, a combination of the two, and a placebo pill.

Joint pain sufferers were randomly assigned to one of the 4 groups. None of the volunteers knew which pill they were getting.

After 12 weeks, the placebo group has made little progress. The M.S.M and glucosamine groups both had significantly less pain and swelling in their joints.

But the combination group did far better than those taking just one nutrient or the other.5

Interestingly, both chondroitin and glucosamine contain sulfur.

It seems clear providing your joints with a basic building block – sulfur – can help lower pain. But what about other tissues?

Say Good-Bye to Sore Muscles, Too

Americans love their sports. Millions of us played sports in school. And lots of us have continued to play our favorite sports as we’ve gotten older.

But, as time goes on, you’ve probably had less and less time to train. Eventually, most of us become “weekend warriors.” We try to stay as active as we can during the week, but most of our exercise comes when we play our favorite sport on the weekend.

After their Sunday round of golf, tennis match, or soccer game, tens of thousands of weekend warriors spend some – or all – of the following week babying creaky joints and weak, sore muscles.

Most of us grew up saying, “Use it or lose it.” But now we’re living that truth.

It appears M.S.M. can help you there, too.

In 2011, doctors recruited 18 non-athletes. They gave half the men M.S.M. for 10 days. The other half took a placebo. Then all the volunteers ran about 8.4 miles (14 Km).

The doctors took blood samples before and after the run.

There were no noticeable differences between the groups before they ran. But after the run, the placebo group showed higher levels of markers of physical stress and lower antioxidant capacity than the M.S.M. group.6

In other words, the strain of unfamiliar exercise caused less damage in the M.S.M. group’s muscles.

In a similar 2012 study, the M.S.M. group showed fewer signs of muscle damage than the placebo group. They also showed higher levels of available antioxidants at 30 minutes, 2 hours, and 24 hours after the bout of exercise.7

The higher antioxidant levels show the M.S.M. group’s bodies were better prepared to handle other stresses that might come along.

Doctors looked at the effect of a single dose of M.S.M. in a 2013 exercise study.

Untrained volunteers took just one dose of either M.S.M. or placebo. They then ran for 45 minutes on a treadmill at 75% of their maximum ability.

Again, the M.S.M. group showed fewer chemical signs of muscle damage and higher levels of antioxidant defenses.8

M.S.M. can even help if you’re in good shape.

U.S. doctors gave M.S.M. or a placebo to well-trained volunteers for 30 days. The M.S.M. group was further split into high-dose and low-dose groups.

At day 28, they did a series of tough leg extension exercises. The first sets were 10 extensions each. In the second round, the volunteers worked until they couldn’t do any more reps.

After these tough exercises, both M.S.M. groups outperformed the placebo group. They did better in terms of pain, fatigue, and antioxidant levels. The high-dose M.S.M. group had the best results.9

The Benefits Just Get Better and Better

In 2015, scientists at Oregon’s National College of Natural Medicine tested M.S.M. for both joint and muscle pain relief.

In this study, the doctors looked at volunteers who ran the Portland (OR) Half-Marathon. That’s 13.1 miles of grueling effort. And joint-jarring pounding on unforgiving pavement.

Volunteers were randomized to take either a placebo or M.S.M. For 21 days leading up to the race, they took a daily dose… and continued for two more days.

Both groups experienced joint and muscle pain. But the doctors found the M.S.M. group had lower levels of both muscle and joint pain that were “clinically significant.”

To put it simply, M.S.M. even made the effects of a punishing half-marathon race less painful.

Doctors at the University of Memphis (UM) took a slightly different approach in 2016. They looked at M.S.M.’s effect on markers of systemic irritation.

Your body releases certain chemical triggers to start the healing process. But these triggers can sometimes lead to chronic pain. So the UM team looked at how M.S.M. might affect these triggers.

Volunteers in this study performed sets of knee extension exercises designed to trigger muscle soreness.

Volunteers who took M.S.M. showed lower levels of certain chemicals that increase systemic irritation… and higher levels of certain triggers that reduce the irritation.

So M.S.M. seems to work in several ways…

  • It boosts your body’s supply of a key building block of cartilage and other connective tissue
  • It lowers bolsters your body’s defenses against joint and muscle damage
  • It supports stronger antioxidant defenses
  • It tips the balance of pro- and anti-irritant factors to favor lower levels of systemic irritation.

Plus, M.S.M. works well with other pain relievers. Which is why it’s not the only ingredient in Nutranol Rx.

12 Good Reasons to Try Nutranol Rx for Your Aching Joints and Muscles

If you took only M.S.M. for your aching joints, chances are you’d be happy with the results. But wouldn’t “thrilled” be better than just “happy”? That’s why we’ve brought together a dozen potent pain-busters in Nutranol Rx.

Along with M.S.M., we’ve added glucosamine. As you saw in the studies above, it can help multiply the effects of M.S.M.

Plus, Nutranol Rx contains Type II collagen. Collagen is a key protein in connective tissue – and provides a key raw material for damaged joints.

There’s ginger and turmeric to fight systemic irritation… white willow bark, one of the world’s oldest pain-busters… and green-lipped mussel extract. A unique Omega-3 in green-lipped mussel delivers 200 times more pain-busting power than fish oil.

In all, Nutranol Rx contains 12 proven pain relievers. And key nutrients to promote joint health.

Now you have a 13th reason to try Nutranol Rx: It’s risk-free.

Prove Nutranol RX for Yourself – Without Risking a PennyNutranol Rx from Best Life Herbals | Natural Pain Reliever

The “right” relief for chronic pain is different for everybody. That’s why Best Life Herbals offers more than one option.

It’s also why we offer our full-year satisfaction guarantee.

Chances are good Nutranol Rx can ease your chronic joint pain. (And your muscle pain.) But we don’t want you to have to roll the dice for relief.

This formula works for thousands of satisfied customers. And we promise you’ll be thrilled, too. Or you can send it back for a full refund of the purchase price.

Up to one year after the purchase date.

That’s right. Not just 30… 60… or even 90 days. We’re so sure you’ll get the results you long for, we guarantee Nutranol Rx for a full year.

And here’s even better news…

Visit the Nutranol Rx web page to discover how to save 22% on our most potent joint health formula… and get free shipping, to boot.

You stand to lose nothing. Except that constant ache in your joints or muscles. Check out Nutranol Rx today.

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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