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Metabolic Machine Part 3: The 6 Top Easy Fat Burning, Full Body Exercises


It’s me again, Coach Yari, hope you didn’t miss me too much.

Well, get ready, because what I’m about to tell you, is going to make you rethink your workouts…forever!

And the best part is… you don’t have to even join a gym!

In fact, sometimes, the best place to work out is in your living room or garage.

Although, if you are a person that needs to be surrounded by people to get motivated, then do so.

Remember, only do what works for you!

Another great benefit of what I’m about to show you is… there isn’t any crazy equipment to spend money on!

All you need to for these 6 Top Fat Burning Moves is your own body weight, a pair of dumbbells, or a weighted bar.

Forget that bosu ball (half moon ball) that your trainer may have you standing on… forget about the cones… forget all about those other little gadgets and the machines too.

Let’s leave those things behind and get practical.

Just remember, for efficient fat loss, you wanna’ keep it simple.

 Less is MORE: Do you want more time left over to do those other important things in your day? What about more bang for your buck (a full body workout)… more convenience (so you can stick to it!)… or more money in your bank (no gym fees, no wasted gas on driving to the gym!) and finally…

Who doesn’t want more and better results?

I know I do… more is almost always better!

So I wanted to give you my top 6 Fat Burning exercises that will give you more, more, more of what you’re looking for on your path to fitness.

Here You Go! The 6 Easy, Fat Burning, Full Body Exercises

1.    The Pushup- The most basic and recognized move ever! Why do you think the military still uses this tried and true method? Because it works!

This movement works the entire body, with emphasis on Chest, triceps, shoulders, and Core (you gotta’ tighten your butt cheeks when doing it, pretend you are holding on to a $100 dollar bill). 

Click here for image and explanation.

2.    The Sprint- Have you seen what sprinters look like? They’re the thoroughbreds of the racing world.

A sprint is a high intensity, short duration exercise.  You can do something as simple as 2-6 sets of 50-100 yard sprints. To measure out yards simply, just take a big step and count it as one yard. 

A sprint is a fast run. Start off with 70-80% of your maximum output, and later work up to 100%.  When running a sprint be sure to stick out your chest, bend your arms at a 90 degree angle and pump them from your chin to your hip,  keeping your legs directly under your hips, trying not to let the feet kick out to the sides, and GO!

3.    Squat to a Press- One of my favorites! This exercise targets it all from legs to core, to shoulders, to back, to chest, to triceps, etc.

And yet is so simple!

10-15 of these with moderate to heavy weight (meaning you shouldn’t be able to do more than 15 reps).

Click here for image and explanation.

4.    The Pull-up- This one can be tough… but you can modify it into a Jumping Pull-up… till you build up the endurance to start from the bar.  Here’s how you do both of them…

To execute a pull-up… place your hands on the bar, let your legs hang underneath you, stick out your chest, and pull upward until you get your chin above the bar (make sure you’re not to shrugging your shoulders). 

For the jumping pull-up, place your hands on a bar where you can still touch the ground (use a little stepper so you can reach the bar with your feet flat if your on the shorter side) and using your legs…jump up and pull up at the same time… getting your chin above the bar.

However, with the jumping pull-up, do be careful not to hit your head on the way up. Make sure your body is in front of the bar… and not directly underneath it.

5.    Dirt Diggers – It sounds rough and dirty, and it can be, but almost anyone can do these fat burning wonders. Take a look at the exercise chart. Something as simple as performing this exercise 4 x for 30 seconds, can burn more fat than jogging for 45 min- 1hour.

Click here for image and explanation. 

6.    Squat thrust Jumps A.K.A. Burpees- These are a killer! They are high intensity, and require all muscle groups to work!

Talk about fat burning!

Do 10-15 of these after your regular routine, or even by themselves for 1-3 sets, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Click here for image and explanation.

Now… if you would like to see how each of these moves are done… you can watch them HERE in a video demonstration.

There you have it! My top 6 choices when it comes to burning fat!

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It is intended to give you all the tools needed to prepare you with a super strong body (focusing on the core, where you need to be strong to push more weight, have solid form, and be able to burn fat like a furnace).

Let me help you get a healthy attitude towards exercise and nutrition!

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I’ll be in touch again soon to give you only the best health and fitness tips.

And P.S. if you wish for me to address a certain topic, you can always send me your questions and ideas to

“I will inspire you and motivate you”

Love, Peace, and Happiness!

Coach Yari

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