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Lycopene – Heaven For Your Prostate

Lycopene - Heaven For Your Prostate

Delicious Fruit Boosts Prostate Health

When I was a kid, pretty much everything the doctor said I should take or eat for my health was gross. Cod liver oil? Yuck! Brussels sprouts? Double yuck! And liver? Don’t even mention it, please.

Of course, over the years, my tastes have changed. And yours probably have, too. But one food that may be especially healthy for men is also one that both kids and adults love.

It’s tomatoes.

If you’ve ever tasted a homegrown tomato, fresh from the garden, you know what I mean. Slice some fresh tomatoes, add thin slices of mozzarella, drizzle with oil and balsamic vinegar, then add a sprinkling of basil from your herb garden. For tomato fans, caprese salad is heaven on a plate.

And, if you’re a man, it may seem like heaven to your prostate, too.

In 2006, scientists at Germany’s University of Bonn looked at the research on tomatoes. They found that just one serving a day helped defend DNA against damage.1

Two years later, another German team studied lycopene, a nutrient in tomatoes that’s closely related to vitamin A.

They gave lycopene to a group of men with prostate issues. They compared this group to volunteers who didn’t take lycopene. After 6 months, the prostate glands in the lycopene group didn’t get larger. But the prostates in the “control” group did.2

In spite of these promising results, mainstream medicine seems to have focused on studying expensive drugs for prostate health. But a few doctors followed the tomato connection.

In 2013, a group from the University of Queensland, Australia, reported on a study using lycopene and other herbal prostate boosters.

Men aged 40 – 80 taking a prostate formula containing lycopene made 15.6% fewer trips to the bathroom during the day… and 39.3% fewer at night. Overall, their prostate symptoms dropped by an average of 36%.3

Then, in 2014, an Italian research team studied a different formula including lycopene.

In this study, the scientists triggered prostate growth in animals. Animals given the lycopene formula showed slower growth of their prostate. Those not taking the lycopene formula didn’t show any improvement.

Mainstream medicine seems to be chasing after expensive, drug-based prostate answers. But more and more studies show that herbs and other nutrients may provide effective relief – without side effects.

I’ve written about saw palmetto, Beta-sitosterol, Pygeum Africanum (African plum), and now lycopene. All of these herbs and nutrients show good results in studies. And none appear to have serious side effects.

If you’re concerned about prostate health, these natural alternatives may help you enjoy a freer, more relaxed lifestyle.

Prostate problems don’t have to keep you from the activities you enjoy. With a little help from nutrients like lycopene, you could be living a carefree, worry-free lifestyle again in no time.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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