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Longjacks ancient link to male virility

Male virility… not only is it one of the most searched subjects on the internet… it’s one of the most researched subjects in the medical world.

Sex is important to men…period.

It starts in our early teens and doesn’t seem to let off until we’re dead and buried.

The problem arises when, with age… certain changes happen… and where the mind is willing, sometimes, the body isn’t able to perform the way we’d want it too.

As we age, our biological clock begins to slow, and all the systems contained within it are the victims.

We wrinkle, we lose our hair, we begin to put on a little weight… we start to look like our parents… and these are  changes we may not readily embrace.

As we age, testosterone, one of the main hormones that regulate sexual function, hair growth, and metabolism… begins to taper off… slightly in some, drastically in others.

It’s not a change that happens overnight… and most men don’t even know it’s happening to them. Most think the reason they’re not as virile is stress… that they’re too tired from the work day to perform their “husbandly” duties… but come the weekend, “she better watch out!” But the weekend comes and there’s parties that need attending and grass that needs cutting… and the next thing they know… it’s Monday again.

It’s a vicious cycle… and science has taken notice.

According to Reuters, Malaysia is making a big push into the virility business with an herbal remedy called Tongkat Ali.

Also known as Longjack… Tongkat Ali was used by natives for centuries in the jungle…and were amazed by the welcome benefits of its amorous side effects…according to the article:

Generations of ageing Malaysian men have sworn by the rejuvenation effects of “tongkat ali(longjack)”, scouring the countryside for it so eagerly that it has almost vanished from all but the deepest rainforest, and now has the status of a protected plant.

If that’s not proof of this amazing plants potency… this is what a Malaysian researcher has to say on Tongkat Ali:

“It can have different effects on different people,” said Abdul Razak, head of the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, which is driving research and commercial production of the herb.

“For me, it gives the energy to play a game of golf without getting tired, but has no other effects,” said Razak, who takes two capsule supplements of the herb before each weekly game to increase his stamina.

Not of all of us can be Tiger Woods… but wouldn’t it be nice to play a round with out feeling drained afterwards?

As encouraging as this is, researchers are trying to focus on the desire creating abilities of this traditional herbal medicine. That’s why the Malaysians have been working in conjunction with one of America’s most prestigious universities the article continues…

Five years of research studies in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States have helped to identify the key compounds in the herb, Razak said.

“All these compounds have been found, have been tested and have been patented, and we are now in the process of carrying out clinical studies…”

That’s good news for sufferer’s of testosterone depletion who are ready for an all-natural herbal alternative to what’s available on the market.

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