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Living Healthy – the Cheaters Guide

If you recall last Thursday’s email Cheaters Can Win – Sometimes, than you know even I have a problem making healthy choices in my own life from time to time.
The universe is a strange place and for some reason the right choices usually aren’t the easiest choices to make. It’s a cruel trick if you ask me!

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that every healthy choice you make in your life has to be a difficult one – and it doesn’t give us an excuse to stop trying to make the right decisions either.

So if you’re like me and you want to do the right thing but just wish it wasn’t always such a difficult decision to make – than this little Cheater’s Guide to Healthy Living is going to be right up your alley…

Cheater’s Guide to Healthy Living – Foods For Life:

It’s common knowledge that we need to eat at least 3-5 serving of fresh fruits and veggies a day for optimum health and performance. But if you’re one of those people that’s constantly on the go – then getting your daily dose of fruit and veggies can be a real challenge.

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But instead of throwing caution to the wind and having a candy bar or a bag of chips for lunch – try a fruit smoothie or a V8 instead. There are even a few fast food joints out there that serve salads and fruit cups now – take advantage.

Beats the hell out of fries and a soda – and it’s still fast food.

Cheater’s Guide to Healthy Living – Staying Sharp:

Reading a book, doing a cross word puzzle and reciting poetry are the perfect exercises for keeping your mind sharp and your thoughts clear. But if you can’t manage to squeeze a couple chapters out of a good book and into your busy schedule – try the cheaters approach.

Pick up the local paper for 5 minutes – even if you just look at the sports section. If you’re stuck at your desk and the boss isn’t looking try looking at an interesting website or playing a quick trivia game.

I’ve recently become addicted to Sudoku – you can play online and now a lot of local newspapers have the game too. It’s fast, fun and challenging and it’s a lot better than just sitting watching T.V. and letting your mind turn to mush.

Cheater’s Guide to Healthy Living – Exercise Opportunist:

Trust me you’re not the only one that skips out on exercising from time to time – even though we all know that regular exercise is probably the single most important factor to having long lasting good health and vitality – we still manage to blow it off when were pressed for time or just don’t feel like it.

Now usually I’d recommend exercising at least 20 – 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. But if that’s just too much time away from the office for you – then try becoming an exercise opportunist.

You could take the stairs instead of the elevator – instead of using a cart at the grocery store you could carry your groceries in one of those little baskets. And if you have your own office at work you could even drop down and do a few push ups when nobody’s watching. Every little bit helps – and it all adds up at the end of the day.

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Cheater’s Guide to Healthy Living – Don’t Forget to Brush:

Sorry guys – there’s no short cut for this one. Just make sure you have a spare tooth brush and roll of floss in your car. So you can brush and floss whenever it’s convenient for you.

Good hygiene is critical to a balanced healthy lifestyle – the bacteria in your mouth have been shown to weaken the immune system and in severe cases they’ve even been shown aggravate a number of very serious heart conditions.

So grab your brush and your floss at every opportunity and give them a quick scrub – I keep mine right in my desk.

It’s a busy world out there for everybody – but you still have to make sure you’re taking care of #1 first. No one else is going to do it for you.

And without your health what do you really have?

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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