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Know Your Limit

        “Push it to the limit!”

        How many times have you heard someone say that?

         But what limit?

         When talking about limits, you could be referring to just about anything, a physical fete, eating or drinking too much, being involved in a verbal confrontation or a whole host of other things.

          As children, we start testing what our limits are and, unfortunately, sometimes there’s pain and injury involved with this learning process.

          If you watch children you’ll see them try something new, if they fail or get hurt, many times they’ll get up and try again.

         The determination of youth.

         But as we get older and our abilities improve, our limits change.

         For many of us, the child inside doesn’t change (and that’s a good thing), so we are caught in the never-ending process of continually testing our limits, learning new things, moving forward and experiencing new frontiers.

         Some of us have pushed the limit on many occasions.

        How many of us have tried adding those extra pounds to the bench press bar, only to have the bar come crashing down on our chest or tried to walk or run that extra mile only to lose steam on the way home?

        Too often that inner child will get us into trouble and/or hurt if we’re not careful, but keeping that inner child alive will help ensure that we don’t miss out on a lot of what life has to offer.

       Unfortunately though, there are many who have dismissed their inner child.

       You know, those people who sit around, watch way too much T.V. only leaving the house for work or a trip to the store…

       They’re the ones that say “I can’t” when someone asks them to participate in trying something new.

       In my eyes, many times “can’t” means “won’t”.

       But the sad thing is, soon that “I can’t” becomes more real, as their health and physical fitness begins to deteriorate.

       Laziness has silenced their inner child, and their limit has become sitting in a chair and turning on the T.V. or computer.

       We should all realize that whether we like it or not, we’re role models for our children and it’s important to set a good example.

       And also, whether you realize it or not you’re a role model for other adults as well.

        I train every day, I’m either running, swimming or riding…always getting in that physical activity.

       Sure, I’ll like to change it up with my bodyweight exercises once in a while, but I’m always moving, I’m always letting that inner child run free.

       And because one of my goals is to complete an Olympic Triathlon, I’ve got to let that inquisitive “Little Doc” test his boundaries, or else how else can I reach that goal?

        I guess you could say “goal” and “limit” are synonymous.

       Right now, I’m not ready because I know where my limit is, but that knowledge tells me that I have to train a little longer and a little harder for the event.

       Everything we do comes with limits.

       Back in September, I rode sixty-seven miles to celebrate my sixty seventh-birthday,  and it went fairly well because I trained for it.

       Is there a 100mi bike ride in my future? Maybe, but not without putting in the time first and pushing my limits till I reached my goal.

       I remember hearing someone say, “you never know what you can do until try” and that is so true…

       My daughter Francine just started taking violin lessons, testing her limits in the world of music, something totally new and different.

        I’ve tried music myself back in high school, I’m pretty sure my music teacher was thankful I gave it up. But, I tried! I tested my limit and figured out it wasn’t for me, so I’ll stick with the radio or my iPod.

        But let me stress, it’s important to know your limits but never limit yourself. 

        If you’ve found yourself sitting in front of the tv more and more often, turn it off! Wake that inquisitive inner child and test some of your limits, life has a lot to offer, so get out there and experience it!

       Because both you and your inner child can have a lot of fun.

       Never say “I’m too old” or “I can’t”… because you’re not and you can.


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