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Keep Your Memory Sharp with These 4 Simple Tips

Keep Your Memory Sharp with These 4 Simple Tips

You’ve gone out for dinner at a nice restaurant, but you’re also watching your weight. No problem… The lighter choices are delicious, too.

So you enjoy a small Caesar salad instead of the fried calamari. You nix the fettuccini Alfredo in favor of grilled salmon with asparagus. And for dessert, you choose the cheese plate, even though the chocolate layer cake looks pine.

Mission accomplished. You’ve enjoyed a delightful meal, avoided a boatload of calories… and helped keep your memory tack-sharp.

Your memory?

That’s right. A new study from UCLA reveals four simple ways to help keep your memory in top working order. And one of them is as easy as choosing nutritious food over junk.

The UCLA team enlisted pollsters to contact 18,522 adults, aged 18 – 99. And what they uncovered could slice your chances of memory trouble in half – and then some.

The survey was very simple, but it revealed some important – and even surprising – points.

The first surprise was how many of the younger (18 – 39 years) group reported having memory problems. 14% of this group said they’d experienced memory trouble.

The second surprise was which group had the healthiest lifestyle. The oldest group (60 – 99 years) beat both the middle-agers and the youngsters when it came to healthy behaviors. 70% in the oldest group followed at least one of the four healthy behaviors. But in the youngest group, only 58% did.

So what were the behaviors? The most effective was how you eat. Healthy eating habits were linked to better memory across all age groups. In other words, every time you choose the salmon and asparagus over the Alfredo, you’re helping keep your memory sharp.

Remember how your mother told you to eat your vegetables. Well, this survey seems to show Mom was right. Respondents who reported getting five or more daily servings of fruits and veggies had a lower risk of memory problems.

Another big factor was no surprise. Smokers were more likely to have trouble with their memory than non-smokers.

Among those over 39, exercise was a big factor, too. Those who exercised for 30 minutes or more on a regular basis cut their risk, too.

The four behaviors measured were healthy eating in general… fruit and vegetable intake… smoking… and exercise.

Participants who had just one of the healthy habits cut their risk of memory trouble by 22%. Following two of the healthy habits cut risk by 45%. Three good habits slashed risk by 75%. And those who followed all four had a 111% lower risk of memory trouble.

The survey also revealed that if you’re over 60, you’re probably smarter than the youngsters, too. Members of the oldest group were only half as likely to smoke as those in the other two groups. And far more likely to have healthy eating habits.

What the survey didn’t look at was nutritional supplements. But studies show several – such as lion’s mane mushrooms and B vitamins – can also be effective in supporting a sharp memory.

Yours in continued good health,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

Source: Small, G.D., et al, “Healthy behavior and memory self-reports in young, middle-aged, and older adults,” International Psychogeriatrics. Jun 2013; 25(6): 981-989.


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