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Keep Going and Going and…

Let me just start off by saying that I love my work! Most days when I wake up I can’t wait to get in the office and start the research for my next cutting edge alternative health article.

Each and every one brings us both one step closer to 100 years of perfect health and I love every second of it – it’s like getting paid to teach people how to live forever!
But I have to be honest with you, today just isn’t one of those days. I’m not sure exactly why I’m dragging my butt this morning – I must have woken up on the wrong side of the world or something.

I can’t focus, I can’t stop yawning and my head feels like it weighs a ton.

There’s no rest for the weary though – beside if I gave up and crawled back into bed, who’d take care of my loyal readers? And it’s not like I’m the only one that’s ever had to fight through this sort of thing – so I’m keeping on.

Actually, according to the National Sleep Foundation, more than half of all US workers report that lack of energy and drowsiness interferes with their ability work. And I can just hear them all complaining now.

But the truth is, this is something than can be easily overcome with just a few simple strategies and depending on your personal situation, maybe a few minor adjustments to your daily schedule.

So in honor of my I don’t want to get out of bed mind-set this morning, I’d like to share a couple of tricks I use to get my motor running on those days when I’m falling asleep in front of my computer and I just want to go home.

They’re perfect for putting a little bounce back in your step and getting you back on the fast track ASAP.

How do I know they work – well, I’m still here aren’t I?! And if they can work for me the way I’m feeing right now, they’ll work wonders for you too:

Get off my back:

If you’re carrying a little extra weight around your mid section these days it’s time to get rid of it. Carrying around an extra 10 – 15 lbs is like walking around with a sack of potatoes on your back all day. You just don’t need it – plus the extra body weight makes it harder for your body to produce energy in the first place.

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No Cup-A-Joe:

Americas “fuel” of choice to jump start their day is coffee. And even though caffeine is a stimulant, after the initial surge of energy wears off, you’ll find you’re even more tired than when you started. So get off the sauce for goodness sakes – but I should warn you though, that quitting cold turkey is going to be tough, so take it slow and wean yourself off the caffeine over the course of a few weeks to avoid withdrawals.

Get up Stand up:

When you start to feel that drowsy feeling, don’t just give up and call it a day. Stand up and move around for 5 minutes and get that blood pumping again. Bend down and touch your toes or maybe roll your neck a few times. Try it for 5 minutes and you’ll feel an immediate difference when you’re done.

Drink Up:

Staying hydrated is great way to avoid a whole list of negative health issues and fatigue is one of them. Try stashing a bottle of water at your workstation so you can sip on it throughout the day. It will help keep your gears lubricated and your mind focused like a laser. Just remember I said water and not coffee or soda!

Chill Out:

Meditation exercises increase oxygen intake to the entire body in turn increasing energy levels. There are several different schools of thought on how you should meditate. But the easiest way is to just sit comfortably with your eyes closed and focus on breathing in deep through your nose and out through your mouth. This will maximize your body’s intake of oxygen and flush out the carbon dioxide quickly and efficiently.

Eat Right – Eat Light:

Make it a point to avoid heavy meals, especially during breakfast and lunch. If I can I like to stretch my meals out to 6 a day instead of the traditional “Big 3” breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you gorge yourself too early in the day it will sit in your stomach like a rock for hours.

It’s also imperative you make sure you’re eating the right foods. At the risk of sounding like a broken record (even though it works for my mom) you are what you eat! And eating junk food is the equivalent of putting water in your car’s gas tank.

Get Moving:

You knew I’d bring it up eventually. But amazingly enough, exercise is one of the most refreshing and energizing things you can do for your body – as long as you don’t over do it that is. So if you have an hour for lunch today, spend half of it taking a nice refreshing walk around the park. Before you know it you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Siberian Secret:

Siberian Ginseng has been used for 1000’s of years to increase energy levels and sharpen both physical and mental performance. And in Germany where naturopathic medicine is part of the mainstream, Siberian ginseng is prescribed regularly to help combat fatigue.

Nap Time:

A 15 or a 20 minute nap can do wonders for your energy reserves. So if you feel like calling it quits, during your break today try closing the door to your office or curling up under your desk and taking a quick nap. It’s just what the doctor ordered to refresh and energize you for the rest of the day – just make sure nobody sees you!

Get’er Done:

Everyone has them, those difficult tasks that we dread doing. But if you jump on top of them first thing in the morning and check them off your to-do-list, you won’t have to carry that monkey around on your back all day long. That should put the bounce right back in your step!

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Early To Bed Early to Rise:

If you’re trying to get by on 5 – 6 hours sleep a night it’s going to next to impossible to kick that tired lazy feeling. Sleep is without a doubt the single most important factor for maintaining peak energy levels.

Active adults require at least 8 hours sleep a night to recharge their batteries, repair body tissue and to produce the healthy amounts of vital hormones. And if you’re not getting up in the morning without the help of an alarm clock, you’re simply not getting enough.

I recommend you start going to bed about 15 minutes earlier every night until you start waking up without your alarm. You’ll notice right away you feel better and more energized throughout the day and so will everyone else around you.

Remember, there’s a lot more at stake here than just feeling better for the sake of feeling better. If you’re looking to impress your boss and set yourself up for that next big promotion you can’t be moping around the office dragging your butt all day long.

You have to be animal, ready to go at a moments notice. And you can, your body is capable of producing more energy than you’ll ever need. But it needs your help.

Just remember you’re a machine, Mother Nature’s finest work. But it’s up to you if you’re going to be a high performance model or an old run down jalopy.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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