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     There are many “dirty” words in the English language and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard most of them…

     But the 2 dirtiest words to me are “I can’t”.

     I’ve come to meet too many people who make excuses about why they “can’t” or shouldn’t exercise, and the truth is that those excuses are becoming a deadly habit.

     Here are some my favorites…

  • “I’m too old. I can’t do that.”
  • “I’m going on vacation, so I’ll start when I get back.”
  • “I’ve got to get in shape before I start going to the gym.” (Someone actually said this to me)
  • “It’s too hot/cold to walk”
  • “My (pick a body part) hurts.”

     Not too long ago, I was talking to one of my co-workers who has knows that he has become overweight and out of shape, yet can’t seem to make the time or effort to start a fitness plan.

     We were talking about how lucky we are to have a great gym at our disposal here at the police department.

     Our gym has state of the art cardio and weight training equipment for a well rounded exercise session, not only that, but the beach is only a short walk away if we want to take a swim.

     We even have a great locker room facilities…

     So there shouldn’t be any excuse for us “Boys in Blue” to not to get some kind of exercising in on a daily basis.

     During our conversation, my co-worker became excited about starting an exercise program, he kept saying, “I’m gonna do it, I’ve got to get started on it.”


     He also kept making excuses.

     There were the long term excuses like, “I’m starting when I get back from vacation

     As well as the short term excuses, “I can’t do it on Sundays because I have to take the family to church.”

     Does this sound familiar? Maybe it sounds like a friend or family member? Or maybe it even sounds like you…

     Finally, I looked him in the eye and said, “Hey man, nobody is going to start this for you. Don’t talk about when you’re gonna start or when you can’t exercise… just do it!

     “Not only that,” I continued, “but if you don’t make a chance soon, you could end up in a hospital or worse… I did. But you’ve got to just do it, because these excuses are going to kill you!”

     And I really believe that excuses can kill you, because no matter how you justify it, if you haven’t gone for a walk, run, bike ride  or done something physical, your fitness level has just declined a little bit more.

     Exercise is important so just do it, no excuses.

     However, I want to end our time together on a positive note…

     You may remember I told you about the security guard Ralph G., he was overweight, smoked and hardly ever exercised.

     Well, I’m proud to announce that Ralph has stopped smoking and has lost an incredible 60 pounds from when I first met him!

     Ralph follows my Hammer Strength routine religiously as well as few other exercises I’ve tailored for him.

     Even better, he’s stopped making excuses!

     He’s starting to live again at 75 years old…

     And if us “old timers” can do it… so can you!

    Never say “I’m too old” or “I can’t”…because you’re not and you can!


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