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Instant Weight Loss

I’ve had a weight problem since I was a kid. It started around 5th grade when I injured my knee. I spent a summer in the hospital… with nothing to do but read and eat. I mostly ate.

Then I discovered running and got skinny. Till I took a winter off and ballooned up again. And so it went. When I ran, I dropped down. When I didn’t, fat city.

Then I moved to Florida and I really got heavy.

My wake-up call change all that. Suddenly, I had to eat the diet my doctor had been pushing for years. It’s called “low glycemic.” Which is pretty much a fancy name for avoiding sugar and complex carbohydrates.

Cut out grains, potatoes and sugary foods and your blood sugar will even out. Your body will run on a more even keel – no more nasty blood sugar spikes (that are always followed by crashes). And the weight just starts to slide off.

I eat lots of leafy greens, plenty of fruit, and a moderate amount of lean protein. Add in some moderate exercise, and you can lose five years’ of gained weight in six months or so.

Ask me how I know.

Your energy goes up… so does your stamina. You don’t huff and puff every time you go around the block. Heck, I was out at Bryce Canyon this spring. We jogged 4 miles at 7,000 feet. Two years ago, I couldn’t make it around the block at sea level.

Once the weight starts coming off, something else happens. Pretty much every time I run into a pretty lady I haven’t seen in a while, I can count on getting fussed over for how great I look. And – hey – I’m human. My ego loves it.

I had to start eating this way. You can choose to – and you even get to cheat now and then. But it’s really easy. I’ve boiled it down to just a few guidelines.

  • Avoid all grains, potatoes and corn – or anything made from them.
  • Eat all the veggies you want, except root vegetables. Carrots are okay in moderation.
  • Eat all the fruit you want, too. But focus on fruits you can eat with the skin on – apples, pears, berries, etc.
  • Nuts and seeds are healthy in moderation. You can have an ounce or so a day.
  • Eat lean, quality protein with every meal. Eggs, lean meats, and plain yogurt are the best choices. (A serving is 3 ounces.)
  • Sugar is poison. (If you just have to eat something sweet, make it a half-cup of plain ice cream or an ounce of dark chocolate every couple of days.)

That’s it. No points or calories to count. No notebooks to keep. No meetings to attend. Just pounds dropping off like crazy.

The first few days may be tough. Carbs and sugar are like crack. You may miss them like crazy the first few days. But once you have them out of your system, you’ll probably feel better than you have in years… and the cravings should disappear.

Next time: The fat boy dusts off his running shoes.

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