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Increase Your Longevity With These Super-foods

Let’s face it… we don’t always eat right.

We know we should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables each day because they are essential for our good health… but unfortunately we don’t because sometimes our fast-paced lifestyle prevents us from doing so.

And even when we do eat our fruits and vegetables, they’re not always as nutritious as they should be.

The herbicides and pesticides they are sprayed with and the nutrient poor soil they are grown in… strip them of their full nutritious potential.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of research to support that eating enough fruits and vegetables may help us reduce our risk of all kinds of ailments and increase our longevity.

For example… there are multiple studies on the impact a diet high in fruits and vegetables may have on weight loss or weight management.

Several of these studies show that participants on higher-fiber diets may have lost significantly more weight than those on the lower-fiber diets[i]… and any high-fiber diet consists of hearty amounts fruits and vegetables since they are fiber-rich foods.

There’s also many studies on the effects that eating fruits and vegetables have on the heart.

In the famous Nurses Health and Health Professionals’ Follow-Up studies, which consisted of 84,251 women and 42,148 men… researchers concluded that fruits and vegetables, particularly green leafy vegetables and vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables… appear to have a protective effect against heart-related illnesses.[ii]

There are many other studies showing the importance of fruits and vegetables on health… but the key point being made here is that they’re essential for good health and longevity… yet most of us are not getting enough.

But you’ll be glad to know that there is a simple way to overcome this dilemma.

Five to ten servings a day is the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables you should eat… and if you can manage this… great!

And if you’re planning on doing so… it is recommend that you buy organic… because organic produce tends to be more nutritious than commercial and doesn’t come with unwanted toxic pesticides.

But… if on the other hand you are one of the many who don’t have time to prepare fresh, whole foods – try a super-green such as Spirulina or chlorophyll.

They have all the nutrients that are missing from your produce and more!

Spirulina, a blue-green algae, is considered one of nature’s most nutritious foods. The Aztecs consumed it more than five centuries ago. And today NASA recognizes its nutritional value and includes it in the diets of astronauts when they go on space missions.

Spirulina is a good source of protein and has all the essential amino acids (and non-essential) and essential fatty acids. It’s also rich with enzymes, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and B complex vitamins. And it’s packed full of carotenoids including beta carotene and lutein.

It’s so full of life giving nutrients… Mother Nature couldn’t fit any more in!

There’ve been many studies showing spirulina’s remarkable health benefits. Research shows that it may help:

· Support immune system function

· Boost antioxidant activity

· Fight chronic fatigue

· Detoxify

· Support digestive health

· Lower blood pressure

· And more…

Spirulina is also rich in “chlorophyll”, which in itself has some powerful benefits.

Chlorophyll is what makes plants green…you might remember that from back in your school days in science class. Chlorophyll takes energy from the sun and helps initiate the process of photosynthesis in plants.

Chlorophyll is to plants as blood is to humans. It helps plants grow amongst other things, and basically, plants can’t live without it.

Chlorophyll too is a super antioxidant and inflammation fighter. But it’s also been known to:[iii]

· Stimulate red blood cells to improve your oxygen supply

· Help your blood carry essential oxygen to all the cells and tissues in your body

· Helps neutralize all the pollution that you breath in everyday

· Carry toxic substances out of your body

Pretty remarkable stuff, right?

It’s no wonder these “green giants” are often referred to as “super-foods” or “super-greens”.

Even better… they’re easy to get your hands on… you can get them at any good health food store or vitamin shop.

Spiralina and/or chlorophyll comes in tablet or powder form so it’s quick and easy to take. You can add the powder to your favorite drink or smoothie and you are well on your way to maintaining your health and longevity. Give it a try!

And as always…

Stay Healthy!

Shawn Ambrosino
Best Life Herbals

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