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I’m Getting Old – And I Love It!

In my opinion, one of life’s great paradoxes is that we spend half of our lives wishing we were older – and the other half wishing we were younger.

At least when you’re younger you know eventually you’ll grow up one day – for us seniors though it’s a completely different story. We’re not getting any younger no matter how hard we wish it.
The end result of that great truth is everywhere you turn you see seniors with a defeatist attitude towards aging. I personally think somebody needs to remind these geezers they’re not dead just yet.

Some make an effort to trick father time – plastic surgery has become as common place as a regular doctors visit, and a lot of today’s top prescription meds have become regular household names.

Personally – I’m not one to accept growing old gracefully either. I’m doing everything in my power to ensure that I live too 100 years old, all the while living and feeling like I’m 20.

So far I’ve done a pretty good job too (I’m 64 and I feel 34) – but this morning while I was having breakfast at my favorite local diner. I overheard a gentleman much older than myself, probably 80 – 85 years old say the most profound thing…

He was talking to one of the cute young waitresses about his senior citizen discount when he exclaimed: “getting old sucks honey, but it beats the hell out of the alternative.”

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Amazing huh? I thought it was sheer genius!

I have to admit it really took me back, and before long it got me to thinking. With all the talk about anti-aging and staying young forever, there has to be some advantages to getting old.

So as soon I got home I was wracking my brain to figure them all out. And low and behold, before I knew it I had an entire list of good stuff that comes with going grey. Who knew getting old had so many advantages?

Take a look I think you’ll be pretty impressed at what I came up with:

* Seniors know the down side of procrastination – time is of the essence and we know it, so we live everyday like it could be our last.

* As you get older you start to realize what’s truly important in life, like family and friends – and the older you get the more you cherish every second you spend with them.

* I’m given a lot more consideration and respect than I got when I was 30 – all I have to do is walk up to a cashier with a hand full of groceries and suddenly I’m at the front of the line. I love that!

* One of my favorite senior perks are all the special discounts we receive, especially living here in South Florida – movie theaters, cruises and restaurants all give incredible discounts for senior citizens 55 and over.

* It’s nice not having to lie about my age anymore – when I hit my 30’s to the rest of the world I was 29 for at least 3-4 more years. Now I could care less – sometime I’ll even tell people I’m older than I really am just to mess with them.

* Basically I’ve earned the right to act any way that I want, if I’m grumpy no one tells me to cheer up and if I act silly nobody thinks me a fool. They just chalk it up to my age.

* My ego has shrunk immensely. I no longer waste my time with dramatics or useless power struggles – I understand my role in the world and in my own personal relationships, so now I just accept and go with the flow.

* I can speak like an expert on so many different subjects, and not just because I’m older and I know more – but because 99% of the time, I’ve already been there and done that.

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* One of my greatest joys in life is seeing my children all grown up and marveling at the wonderful people they’ve become. It still feels like just yesterday I was bouncing them on my knee.

I have to tell you, after compiling this list this morning — I feel a whole lot better about being an old man. All be it a really young looking virile old man!

Maybe from now on we should all sit down from time to time and count our blessing. Sometimes we can forget just how lucky we are – and how blessed we’ve become. I know I forgot for a second there.

Just remember though, being old is no excuse for looking, acting and feeling old – so never lose sight of our quest for 100 years of perfect health!

Stay Healthy!


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