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I’m Angry

I’m angry…

Really angry, and the only thing I can do is talk about what has made me angry.

I always finish my articles with never say “I’m too old” or “I can’t” and I mean that, but that also means never let anyone else tell you that you’re too old or you can’t either.

This is a tale of two ladies who were told they were too old and they shouldn’t do certain things.

First is woman, we’ll call her D, is in her early 70’s and has a figure that any lady in her early 40’s or 50’s would envy.

She jogs, plays tennis, and walks at a brisk pace. She pays attention to her eating habits and has a great attitude; she always comes off as being happy and content.

In other words she has a great lifestyle.

D was wearing a tennis skirt and matching top while visiting a friend in the hospital. On the way back to the first floor in the elevator a young lady who just happened to be overweight and out of shape, chose to admonish D for wearing the tennis skirt.

What was her unsolicited comment?

“You shouldn’t dress that way.”

When D asked why not, this woman answered with…

You’re too old, people your age shouldn’t dress that way.

I’m certain that unlike the younger person,  D handled it like a lady and graciously excused herself when the elevator door opened.

I wasn’t there but I’m guessing this young overweight, out of shape person was jealous and envious of what she was looking at, and I’m betting there is no way in hell she would be able to do what D can do.

A note to all the younger generation: before you choose to tell one of us baby boomers we’re too old to do something, make sure you can do it yourself and able to do it better.

We just might make you wish you had never gotten involved, on second thought go ahead and say it,  and learn a valuable lesson.

The next story is about a friend of mine who we’ll call K…

I have never met K who is in her mid 50’s, but I know her husband.

I while I don’t know her, I admire her, as she’s very active in checking off item’s from her bucket list.

She was on a trip with some younger family members and one of the items was to go ice-skating, but while they were out on the ice, K fell and fractured an arm.

K called her employer to tell them about the accident and was told she was “too old to be ice-skating” and that she “should know better”.


She was also told that upon returning to work she would have to sign a contract that would disallow her from participating in activities such as skating and skiing.

It’s truly hard to believe that we still have such narrow minded individuals in this day and age.

That is the epitome of disrespect…

How dare they speak to anybody that way, let alone a woman who is young and active. It appears that some people don’t regard the baby boomers as being a viable and capable part of our society.

However, I would like to report that D is still playing tennis, running and power walking….

And still looking great.

As for K, she’s feeling better and doing well, I haven’t heard anymore about the terms of her employment, but let’s all throw some positive thoughts her way.

Neither of the ladies allowed these small-minded people to discourage them. They continue on showing that they are worthy and active citizens…

They’re role models.

By the way, I appreciate all of the emails I’ve been receiving, thanking me for the words of encouragement; there are many people of our generation out there showing that some of us “older folk” are not ready to sit down and wait for God. 

So this message is to all of you baby boomers and seniors out there: If someone tells you that you’re “too old” to do something… ignore them, do whatever you want within your abilities.

It’s your life, live it how you want.

And please pass this message on to those who don’t read my blog.


Editor’s Note: If there is one thing you could never do, it would be to consider Doc Daville “old”. At 67 years young, this Senior Superman refuses to let his age be anything but a number, to him, and to those he comes in contact with. A competitive triathlete and mixed martial artist, Doc Darville is in better shape than people half his age (if not younger!), and if you would like to recapture some of your vitality, no matter how old you are, then follow in Doc’s footsteps as he guides you to a better and healthier you. To get all of Doc’s workout secrets, follow this link today for your copy of 60 Going on 20, and become one of the thousands that Doc has helped along the way.

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