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If you think you can or you can’t – you’re right

Taking the Bull By the Horns

     I wanted to talk to you today about goals.

     When I see someone with a goal… I see someone who either already believes in their abilities… or is looking to believe in themselves.

     Goals can be tricky things… both setting them and reaching them.

     What I mean is… you don’t want to set a goal too high… this can lead to disaster.

     If you set to lofty of a goal… you may never reach it… which may knock you down a peg or two.

     But… you don’t want to set a goal too low that it doesn’t take much work or dedication to reach.

     The key is finding that happy medium of a goal high enough to reach… but low enough that it’s not impossible.

     I didn’t walk out of the hospital after my third heart attack and say, “I’m going to compete in a triathlon next week.”

     That would have been foolish… and dangerous.

     Instead… one of my first goals was to walk around the block.

     Now, that doesn’t seem to be a big deal… but for a guy that was sitting at death’s door… it was a reachable goal that I had to work for.

     But I set that goal… and wouldn’t let anybody (including myself) tell me any different.

     I think Henry Ford says it best, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t… you’re probably right.”

     Some people are goal oriented in everything they do…and I’m one of those people.

     I have both big goals and mini goals… I sometimes refer to them as items on my “bucket list”… just like the movie of the same name, my goals are things I plan to do before I “kick the bucket”.

     Last year, when I decided to do my first mini triathlon… I got busy doing the necessary research, made sure I was following the advice of experienced triathletes, and trained harder than I ever had to finish mid pack…

     Which means I did real well for someone half my age…and I got the shirt to prove it. *wink

     So… another goal reached and now… on to the next one.

     While I plan on doing many more triathlons… right now I have another goal in mind.

     And it revolves around my birthday.

     I told one of my friends about my new goal his first response was “Are you freakin’ nuts!?” followed by, “No… it’s just you pushing the limits again.

     But I don’t see it as pushing the limit so much as getting a chance to prove that age doesn’t limit people…

     People limit people.

     It drives me crazy to see somebody reach the big 50 or 60 and decide they’re too old to do this or that.

     Nobody should ever “decide” what they’re too old to do!

     Time will do that soon enough…

     That’s why this year… I’ve decided to ride sixty seven miles for my 67th birthday.

     It’s a goal…. it’s healthy both physically and mentally… so I’ve decided to go for it.

     I’ve got the bike, I’ve done the research, I’m training and now all that’s left is the ride on or somewhere around 9/21/09… and I’m guessing it should take me about 4 ½ to 5 hours.

     I mentioned earlier that when you decide to do something physically challenging it is vitally important to gradually work your way up to…and I’m following my OWN advice so I can eliminate the chance of injury or any unnecessary pain.

     But the training is going along just great.

     And I’ve talked to many young riders that have done a 100 mile ride and every one of them gave a thumbs up and much encouragement when I mentioned the 67 miles.

     So choose a goal and go for it.

     It doesn’t have to be a big one… just big enough to reach with some hard work.

     And tell people about it…

     I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you get more encouragement and support from the people in your life than you think…

     If someone says you’re too old… just laugh and walk away.

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