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I Want You!!

I Want You!!

Last year a young friend of mine gave me a shirt for my birthday. The shirt was from his clothing line, its army camouflage colored and on the back it says SPECIAL FORCES.

I’ve been looking at this “Special Forces” shirt for just about a year or so now and there was something that kind of bugged me, and I just now figured it out.

We’re at war and I’m a leader in the Special Forces.

I’m at war with the fact that many people my age are sitting around on their duffs, eating garbage, becoming overweight, out of shape and permanently immobile.

You can turn this debilitating process around, and if someone tells you it can’t be done, I want you to look them in the eye and say,

“Watch me!”

I want you to join me and become a member of my SPECIAL FORCES TEAM. I’m trying to recruit you into a war on aging!

Just realize that this may require some work and dedication on your part (as well as your doctor’s approval).

1. Set a goal – Set an attainable goal. Please understand this is not a competition with anyone but yourself, so no matter what fitness level you start at, there are no loser’s only winners.

Let’s say you walk to your mailbox and back five days a week. Start walking to the end of the block and get your mail on the way back into your house. Eventually, go for longer walks and begin to increase the pace.

Maybe you walk a mile a day. Start jogging a quarter mile and walk the rest. Continue increasing the jogging distance gradually.

2. Have a plan – From my observations over the years, many people don’t stay with a diet, so I always advise a lifestyle change.

When I changed, I did it gradually. I didn’t abruptly change my eating habits. I first stopped eating fast food. Then I became a label reader. I try very hard not to eat processed food, but if I do, it can’t have more than three ingredients and I have to be able to pronounce all of them. When I go to work I always take my lunch. There’s absolutely no way a fast food joint can match Rosemary’s cooking.

Eat healthy food and have a daily exercise routine. Make it fun not work. A walk or jog in the park along with some body weight exercises can be really refreshing.

3. Set your priorities – What I mean by this is, make sure your physical fitness and proper eating holds high priority in your lifestyle.

Let’s say your neighbor asks you to join him for an afternoon matinee, make sure you get in that mile walk, bike ride or swim before an afternoon social. All in all you’ll be healthier for it.

By the way skip the buttery popcorn and candy.

4. Dress for the occasion – Make sure you have proper shoes as this could make the difference between being able to continue or having to quit jogging or even going for the longer walks. Wear the correct clothing for the time of year.

5. Don’t overdo it – I can’t say this enough, start out gradually and don’t get discouraged because it’s taking longer than you think. Sometimes we hit a plateau and it takes a while to move on to the next level. If you push too hard for improvement you might create unwanted injuries.

Be patient, improvement will come.

6. Proper Fluid Replacement – This is extremely important. I always hydrate before I leave for a run or bike ride and I have cold water with me while out there on the road.

So here’s what makes you a Special Forces team member – just a recognizable improvement from where you are today.

So if you’re ever at a triathlon in Florida, and you see a Senior Citizen in a camouflage t-shirt with Special Forces on the back, come over and say, “Hello Doc!”

Join the team and be a Special Forces Senior Citizen…

Maybe you’ll inspire another Senior Citizen.

Drop a line and let me know about your improvements.

Never say “I’m too old” or “I can’t”, because you’re not and you can.



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