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How to Harness Your Own “Ninja Power”

How to Harness Your Own “Ninja Power”

Have you ever watched a classic Japanese samurai movie? Whether good or bad, these guys were always what our parents called “men’s men.” They were macho to the extreme… the envy of all the other guys… and the desire of all the women.

Only thing could strike fear in the heart of a samurai, and that was a ninja – the “invisible warriors.” Ninjas were to samurai what James Bond was to secret agents. They were the absolute pinnacle of the warrior elite.

It takes years of relentless training to become a ninja. But you can use one of their secrets to boost your manhood starting today. It won’t make you an invisible warrior. But it could give your masculinity a little boost.

Testosterone is the hormone that makes a man a man. When you were young, muscular and had an endless sexual appetite – with the prowess to match – that was your testosterone speaking.

Now that you’re a little older, you’ve probably noticed your abs aren’t as tight, your energy levels have dropped off a bit, and you may not be “raring’ to go” at the drop of a hat any more.

That’s because men’s testosterone levels naturally drop with age. And as they drop, so does your muscle mass, your energy and your sexual prowess.

But recent studies suggest a common ninja habit may help you hang on to a little more testosterone. And don’t worry. It doesn’t involve any martial arts training.

The secret is tea. Tea has been an important part of Japanese culture for countless centuries. And now scientists at London’s Kingston University have discovered it’s also a potential manhood booster.

Chemicals found in green and white tea block an enzyme action that shuttles testosterone out of the body.1 So when Japanese warriors were drinking their tea, they were probably also giving themselves a performance boost.

It may not have been a big boost… but it may have been enough to make the difference in battle.

If you’re not a tea drinker, these researchers have also discovered another common beverage that has a similar – and potentially bigger – effect.

In test tube experiments, chemicals in red wine also blocked the action of the testosterone-robbing enzyme. In fact, one natural substance in wine was 72% effective in stopping this enzyme. And you don’t need to drink any wine to get it.

The chemical is quercetin. It’s a type of plant chemical called a flavonoid, and several foods are rich in this powerful antioxidant. Besides tea and red wine, you’ll find it in apples, onions and citrus fruits.

Spices, such as sage and rosemary, also contain a good amount of quercetin. Dark colored berries and cherries are good sources, too.

The researchers’ results haven’t been proven in men yet. But all these sources of quercetin have other healthy properties, too. Red wine, for example, is high in age-fighting resveratrol. So adding these foods are good for you anyway.

And if you don’t notice a boost to your manhood, don’t worry. You have another option.

Your body may lack the raw materials needed to boost your testosterone levels. And you can get these in specially targeted nutritional supplements.

Yours in continued good health,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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