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How to find the very best supplements

Getting the Best Supplements for Your Money – Part I

If you’re like many of my patients, you’ve asked yourself this question: “What makes one supplement any better than another?” Beyond whether it’s all-natural, a lot of people draw a blank. Most of us just don’t know what goes into making top-quality supplements.

In fact, an awful lot goes into the process. And for Best Life Herbals, that process begins long before the raw materials reach their lab.

Lots of companies would like to supply Best Life with raw materials. But very few make the grade. You see, Best Life doesn’t shop by price. Their first concern is purity and potency. And to make sure the supplements you buy are the freshest, purest and most potent they can provide, the lab puts suppliers through a tough qualification process.

First, potential suppliers have to answer an audit questionnaire. It covers every detail of their sources and processes. They even have to meet tough storage standards. Time, heat and humidity can affect the potency of your supplements. If their warehouse is too hot… or their product sits too long… they don’t make the grade. Period.

The next step is a plant inspection. Lab personnel visit potential suppliers and verify every item on the audit questionnaire. If everything doesn’t match up, they fail the inspection.

Finally, the lab tests product samples for potency and purity. If a sample doesn’t meet Best Life standards, it’s immediately rejected. And that supplier doesn’t make the “approved” list.

This qualifying process is a lot of work. But when it comes to the purity and potency you expect, Best Life won’t cut corners.

The same is true when it comes to testing everything that goes into a Best Life supplement.

Have you ever been disappointed by a favorite meal coming out “wrong” at a restaurant? Maybe the regular chef was out that day… or someone forgot to add a key ingredient to the sauce. Whatever it may be, you feel cheated, because the meal wasn’t what you expected. It just didn’t meet your standards.

Well, that kind of disappointment doesn’t happen at Best Life Herbals, and here’s why…

Our suppliers have to ship the lab a sample of every batch of material they plan to send. Quality Control (QC) tests each sample. If the sample meets our standards for purity and potency, they can ship the rest. If it doesn’t, the lab rejects the material.

When an approved shipment arrives, QC tests it again. It has to be the right material and provide the same results as the sample, or it’s rejected. Best Life only accepts raw materials that pass this double-test process. It’s the best way to ensure you get the full potency and purity you expect from their supplements.

This isn’t the only step where double testing takes place, either – or where QC is involved. In fact, both pop up again when the newly arrived materials are issued from inventory.

When the lab is ready to make a batch of a supplement, the raw materials are carefully weighed out… twice. Two different people independently weigh each ingredient. Then the ingredients go to QC, where they’re weighed a third time. At this point, QC also ensures they have all the correct amounts of the correct ingredients for that product.

I realize that sounds like a lot of checking and double-checking. But would you want anything less for a supplement you depend on to promote better health?

And that’s just the beginning. You see, the folks at Best Life Herbals are a bit fanatical about quality. In my next article, you’ll discover even more secrets of making the finest supplements. Secrets such as how Best Life ensures you get full potency from every product… and why it’s good the lab has never been “483’d.”

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