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How to Feed Your Hungry Prostate

“Worthless people live only to eat and drink, people of worth eat and drink only to live.”


He’s a finicky gland – especially if he doesn’t get his greedy hands on the foods he craves.

Lucky for us though, we’ve probably got exactly what he’s been craving sitting right in out kitchens at this very moment – at least in one form or another.

I’m talking about Lycopene, a carotenoid found in tomatoes and tomato products that also happens to be the most potent anti-oxidant of all the carotenoids (beta-carotene, alpha-carotene).

Anti-oxidants are those tiny healing miracles our bodies use to fight off free radicals and prevent cellular damage – a process that’s thought to slow down the effects of the aging process.

The effects of free radical damage come in many forms. Everything from skin wrinkles and liver spots to certain forms of disease – free radical damage is essentially the aging process as seen under a microscope.

And that’s where Lycopene comes in…

Lycopene is a carotenoid that once absorbed by the body works to prevent and repair cellular damage caused by free radicals by actually blocking their growth factor receptor signals. A process that’s best described as turning off the light switch inside the rouge cells.

In a recent study conducted by the University of Utah’s Department of Physics, researchers noted that Lycopene might also play a protective role in your cardiovascular health as well.

It was noted that men with higher concentration of Lycopene in their fat tissue have a lower risk of heart attacks than men with smaller concentrations.

Not only that, Lycopene is so easily absorbed by the prostate and testes it’s the perfect weapon for fighting off the effects of an enlarged prostate.

So where can you find Lycopene?

You can get Lycopene from a number of sources, but as I noted earlier the most common source is tomatoes and tomato products.

But if you hate tomatoes it’s not the end of the world – because research has shown that the Lycopene found in processed tomato products like ketchup and tomato sauce is much easier to absorb.

Fresh tomatoes are however an excellent source of fiber and protein — and are completely cholesterol free. I can’t however say the same for the processed varieties.

So if you’re not a tomato fan my best recommendation to you would be to find yourself a reliable prostate supplement like Maximum Potency Prosterin You’ll get your maximum recommended daily dosage of Lycopene plus a host of other proven prostate defenders like Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol – all in one convenient supplement.

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Zinc is hands down the most important nutrient in your prostate. Zinc is more abundant in the male prostate than in any other organ in the human body – and uses about 10 times more of the vital nutrient than any other organ.

Clinical studies have shown us that Zinc deficiencies are a major contributor to prostate enlargement – and that an enlarged prostate contains significantly less Zinc than found in a healthy one.

So by simply adding Zinc to your diet you can reduce your chances of ever developing an enlarged prostate – and if you’re one of the millions of men nation wide that’s already feeling the pain, pressure and swelling associated with an enlarged prostate, Zinc can also help alleviate your symptoms.

That’s why I feel so strongly about supplementing with a quality multi-vitamin, because it’s become apparent that even a minor deficiency is the most basic nutrients can have catastrophic consequences.

If you’re in the market for one you can try the multi I use, it’s been formulated specifically for Men by the good folks at Best Life Herbals and I absolutely swear by it.

It’s called The Men’s Daily Formula and in my opinion it’s hands down the best multi on the market today.

On top of providing you with all the essential vitamins and minerals your body requires for optimum health (including 45 mgs. of Zinc – 200% more than your average multi) The Men’s Daily also contains the proper mix of herbs and nutraceuticals your body needs for a healthy robust sex life and a smooth functioning prostate.

Mother Nature has provided us with some pretty tasty food options to help us meet our daily requirements as well.

All dark red meats contain high amounts of Zinc as do oysters, peanuts, peanut butter, cheese and legumes.

So dig in – and enjoy.

Stay Healthy!


Best Life Herbals

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