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Hitting the Reset Button

Hitting the Reset Button

Hitting the Reset ButtonIt was the mid-1980’s, and two of my co-workers were talking about career options on their break.

“I’m stuck,” the first grumbled into his coffee cup. “Without a degree, I can’t get a promotion.”

His companion, an incurable optimist, said, “Why don’t you go back to school, then?”

The complainer looked up from his coffee. “You’ve gotta be kidding,” he said. “It’ll take me at least four years. By the time I graduated, I’d be almost 50.”

The optimist just looked at him for a moment. “And how old will you be,” he asked, “in four years, if you don’t go back to school?”

The point? It’s never too late to hit your “reset” button. You’re going to get older no matter what you do. But you can sure slow down the effects of aging.

I was 56 when I finally hit my reset button. 256 pounds of dedicated couch potato. A heart attack waiting to happen. I was so weak, I couldn’t jog more than a block without resting.

This past week, I took a heart-health quiz. My heart’s “age” is 46. That’s almost 13 years younger than my biological age. In just two years, I’ve chopped a lot more than those 113 years off my heart’s physical age.

HB is 10 years my junior. And a lot smarter than I’ve been. Because she’s decided to make healthy changes at a much younger age. She’ll probably live long enough to spend her inheritance… even if I live to a ripe old age. (And that’s the plan.)

Of course, I’m sure I’ll have to hit the reset button over and over again. I didn’t watch what I was eating over the holidays. I didn’t exercise enough, either. And I put on some weight.

Reset! You just put on the brakes and get back on the right road. It’s just as simple – and just as easy – as making an adjustment when your GPS tells you you’ve missed your turn. Sure, it may slow your progress a little… but you can still get where you’re going.

This may sound silly, but I’m a big fan of Disney movies. You can really learn a lot about life watching them. Take the movie, “Chicken Little,” for instance.

The hero, Chicken Little, has been through a rough year. He’s the town joke. And he really wants to earn his father’s respect more than anything. When it comes down to the clutch – a do-or-die moment – he grits his teeth and says, “Today is a new day.”

Yes, I put a few pounds back on over the holidays – and you’ll probably have times like that, too. But you can always hit your reset button. You can always turn back onto the right road.

And if you haven’t started an anti-aging program yet, you can always get started.

Remember Grandma Moses? She was one of America’s most celebrated folk artists. She didn’t start her painting career until she was in her 70’s. Yet she became one of the best-known and most celebrated American artists of the 20th century.

Britain’s Fauja Singh set 8 – yes: EIGHT – world age-group running records in a single day… at the tender age of 100. The punch line? He didn’t start running seriously until he was in his late 80’s.

Nobody can guarantee how long any of us will live. But it’s never too late to boost your chances for triple digits.

Don’t be like my poor, muddled co-worker. Would you like to see your grandchildren grow up and have children of their own? Start taking steps now. And if you slip… just hit “reset.”

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