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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve gotta tell you Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday of the year – no presents to buy, no decorations to set up and no running around to do.

Nope, it’s a glorious day reserved for family and friends and most importantly lots of delicious food.
So in the spirit of marathon eating sessions, double deserts and delicious rum filled concoctions I thought I’d give you guys a break from my healthy advice for the rest of the week.

From now until we talk again Monday I say we throw caution to the wind, eat and drink as much as we like and then we can get back on track after the holiday weekend!

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Until then my friends have a safe and happy holiday!



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I Second That!
-Doc Darville

I love Thanksgiving! You know you work so hard all year long but on days like today it all just seems worth it.

Great friends, great family and great food – I mean really, what could be better?!

That’s why today I thought I’d spare you my usual get out there and kick but rah rah and try something a little different.

So here’s the plan guys – for the next couple days all bets are off and we’re just going to focus on having FUN!

Let’s forget about our diets and focus on making real pigs of ourselves – we’ve earned it!

Enjoy your family and friends, drinks to your hearts content and don’t stop eating until your cloths don’t fit. That’s my plan at least.

But enjoy it while you can – because I’ll be back here again next week ready to whip your butt right back into shape with a vengeance!

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS. I almost forgot – when you have a minute go to our website and take advantage of our special 4 day holiday sale. Everything on our entire site is 2 for the price of 1 until Midnight Sunday – so hurry while supplies last!


Best Life Herbals

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