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Growth Hormones – The Future of Preventative Medicine

My interest is in the future because I’m going to spend the rest of my life there.”

–Charles F. Kettering

A lot of press –both good and bad has been circulating around gyms, spas as well as the general public sectors through various forms of mass media regarding anabolic steroids (namely testosterone) and growth hormone.

Many believe that these steroids are both unsafe, illegal (in athletes) and a hoax in terms of performance and life enhancing. While still others contend that we have now found “the fountain of youth”.

Let me set you straight right now. Human Growth Hormone, when prescribed administered and monitored under the close supervision and observation of a trained physician, IS relatively safe and has brought life back to the lives of thousands suffering chronically low levels of these hormones. Its legal issues regarding use in athletes are a topic for a different discussion.

Despite the many positive effects on aging and disease HGH (Human Growth Hormone) possesses, it is by no stretch of the imagination a substitute for the innate chemistries that Mother Nature has provided us with – nor will it provide for everlasting youth and health.

It is largely because of these heightened and exaggerated claims (which by the way usually are not physician generated) that leads to speculation and closed mindedness on the part of patients and untrained physicians regarding the safety and multiple medicinal and life altering uses for HGH.

The Anti-Aging industry is currently the largest growing field in medicine. In fact, it has already reached an annual spending of 70 billion dollars and is expected to increase between 4% to 10% yearly. Even more amazing is the fact that nearly all of these dollars spent are “out of pocket” and are not insurance reimbursable.


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As a leader and an innovative physician, my desire is to help patients of all ages and backgrounds survive a longer and healthier life through preventive and “anti-aging” modalities now rather than to wait for mainstream medicine to acknowledge, accept and offer these proven therapies.

Most of the consumers of these “services” are products of the baby boomer generation born between the years 1946 and 1964. Let’s take a look at some of the astonishing statistics relating to this generation of Americans who continually strive to make an impression upon themselves, their families and the world.

EVERY SEVEN SECONDS a boomer turns 50! Very soon this will mean that one in five Americans will be of retirement age (65). Ponder over this a moment…most of us hope to retire by age 65 (or sooner) in hopes that our savings, investments, social security and Medicare benefits will last us through our aging years.

Think again! There are many medical and financial statisticians that believe there will be no Medicare and/or social security funds available by as soon as 2020 if the current state of affairs continues in regards to government spending.

If this is true, we best hope for one of two things. One, that we live healthier longer so that we may work into our eighties and nineties or two we die young. I’ll opt to work more years of my life rather than await death at my doorstep without ever having enjoyed a day of retirement.

Okay, for arguments sake let’s say that the majority of the readers choose scenario number one. With the implementation of proper lifestyle changes, appropriate and adequate vitamin, mineral and herbal supplementation along with hormonal and chemical balancing this will be possible.

In addition to these basics, among the most effect modalities in a life preservation program for most, but not all of us, are the utilization of Human Growth Hormone and full body chemistry balancing. (It is important to note that all modalities and interventions are most effective when used in combination with other therapies and hormonal supplementation.)

What is The Real Scoop on HGH?

Below is an outline of what HGH can and cannot do. As with all medical interventions its use is advised only under the guidance of a trained CAM/Anti-Aging physician.


  • Increase bone density

  • Reduce body fat- especially around the waist

  • Increase lean body mass

  • Increase skin and muscle tone

  • Increase strength

  • Heighten the immune system

  • Improve cognitive functioning i.e. memory and reasoning

  • Decrease wrinkles

  • Restore and Revitalize internal organs that have atrophied (wasted) during the aging process

  • Increase the chance that you will live a healthier aging life to avoid spending your last years in a nursing home.

  • Reduce healing time


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  • Significantly reverse damage done by free radicals-oxidative damage

  • Increase height in adults

  • Cure baldness

  • Repair torn muscles and tendons

  • Repair and revitalize damaged skin caused by Ultra-Violet radiation (although it will make skin look and feel younger)

  • It does not eliminate the need for other types of hormone therapy such as thyroid, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone (although as mentioned above they will enhance one another and often allows for lower doses of each hormone required for optimal functioning).

  • Reverse the process of arteriosclerosis heart disease.

  • It will not increase maximum lifespan


In a word, EXPENSE. The most effect way to supplement growth hormone is via injection which for the medication alone averages $600 per month. Oral and sublingual (under the tongue) forms of HGH or releasers of native growth hormones from our own brain have all shown positive results in various studies. But there is still much more research needed.

The future of preventive medicine will be through hormone balancing including growth hormone.

Yours in good health,

Dr Mark James Bartiss, MD

Best Life Herbals

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