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GREAT Sex After Midlife – Separating Fact From the Fiction

There’s so many myths about getting older it’s hard to keep up with them all at times. But I think the saddest one of them all – especially if you’re getting up there in age yourself are the myths concerning sex.
Specifically a man’s ability to perform after midlife and beyond – personally I think much of the stress men have over aging revolves around the Big myth that they won’t be able to perform sexually after they hit the half century mark.

But really nothing could be further from the truth! Forget all the rumors and misconceptions, sex after 50 can be the best sex you’ve ever had – and that’s no exaggeration.

According to a recent study conducted by the National Council on Aging, targeting people age 60 and over, found that sex after 60 is alive and well.

They found that 74% of men and 70% of the women felt their sex lives were more satisfying now than when they were in their 40’s.

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So in actuality the real truth is the majority of folks 50 and older are having great sex and they aren’t scared to brag about it from the looks of things either.

That’s why today I thought we’d take a look at one of the biggest myths surrounding middle aged men and sex and shed a light of truth on the subject – the erection myth…


As we age we slowly lose our ability to achieve and maintain an erection.


Getting older is not the cause of most erectile problems. It is true that as we get older our hormone levels do drop – but that in of itself does not restrict us from having an erection.

Dwindling testosterone levels do lead to softer erections and a slightly diminished sex drive – but this alone doesn’t stifle your ability to get a quality erection or enjoy pleasurable sex.

Most of the sexual problems men face as they age are directly related to 3 common health problems – an astonishing 85% of them!

1) Heart Health – good circulatory function is just as important to overall good health as it is to robust sexual capacity.

The male penis is essentially a complex muscle – and without proper blood flow to prime your pump you can look forward to disappointment and despair in the bedroom. So as we get older it becomes vitally to keep our hearts pumping efficiently.

And the best way to accomplish that is through a healthy diet rich in lean protein, fruits and veggies – and of course plenty of exercise.

Don’t get me wrong – you don’t have to train like an Olympian. But you should get off your butt and do something, anything, every single day – even if it’s just walking your dog around the neighborhood.

If you’re not giving your body the fuel it needs to perform at a high level, it won’t. And if you don’t get out there and push your body into high gear from time to time a simple activity like sex will likely burn out your motor.

2) Prescription Medications – While necessary in some cases – most are nothing short of death for the male libido. Especially those medications used to treat prostate and heart related problems.

That’s why I always recommend seeking out natural alternatives before resorting to prescription meds – it could be the difference between a healthy robust sex life well into your golden years or not even remembering you ever had a sex life.

My best recommendation would be to talk to a doctor that specializes in Naturopathic Medicine – you’d be surprised what Mother Nature’s healing powers can do if you just give her a chance to work her magic.

And compared with the cost of most prescription meds, natural healing options are a bargain – not to mention that you don’t have to worry about any of the unnatural side effects associated with drugs.

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3) Prostate Problems – I saved the best or actually the worst for last – because a faulty prostate is nothing short of a sex assassin.

When it comes to sex your prostate is just as important as your testicles – essentially it functions as sort of the command and control center for your entire penis. Regulating everything from urine flow to how much you ejaculate – if at all.

So it’s crucial to keep your prostate healthy and functioning at maximum capacity or the consequences will be dire. And I’m not just talking about your sex life either.

For maximum prostate health I recommend a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and to bolster your defenses even further you should be taking a properly formulated prostate supplement that contains pure rye pollen extract.

One of the best supplements I’ve come across that contains pure Rye Pollen Extract is Prosta-Rye…

I take it myself as a preventative measure against prostate swelling plus the rye pollen is so nutrient rich it doubles as a nutritional supplement. I highly recommend looking into it.

Of course as we age were going to see changes in the way our bodies function – but FYI a little change can do you good.

Just look at mid life and beyond as Nature’s way of reminding you that you have to take an active hand in your life – sure when you were young you could party all night work all day and live off a diet of candy bars.

Now you just have to give a little something back to the body that’s taken you so far and given you so much pleasure.

Don’t you think a long healthy life full of spine tingling sex is worth a little bit of effort on your part?

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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