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Government Study Says Toss the Diet Pills

If you want to lose weight, a low-fat diet with a fat-blocker pill will do the trick.

However, if you’d like to lose even more weight, lower your blood pressure and improve your glucose and insulin levels, then skip the pills and try a low-carbohydrate diet instead.

So says a study from the January issue of The Archives of Internal Medicine. The low-carb group in this study only lost an average of 1% more weight than the low-fat group. But they got far better health benefits along with the weight loss. And did it without the expense – and embarrassment – of the fat blocking pills.1

This Veterans’ Affairs study only underlines what I’ve been saying for years. A low-carbohydrate diet is the way to go. Not only is it effective, it carries several benefits other diets just can’t match.

Don’t Just Lose Weight, Build Health

Any weight loss will improve your health. You can generally expect drops in blood sugar, total cholesterol and blood pressure. But low-carbohydrate diets do it better.

For example, researchers at the University of Connecticut studied “postprandial lipemia” – a surge of fats in the blood that occurs after eating. They found that both low-fat and low-carb diets lowered this risk factor for blood sugar problems.

But the low-carb diet was much more effective. And the low-carb diet lowered several other risk factors more effectively than the low-fat diet, too.2

Another Veterans’ Affairs team published a review of low-carb studies just last year. They found compelling evidence that low-carb diets do more than promote weight loss. They boost LDL (good) cholesterol, lower blood triglycerides (fat), and stabilize blood sugar levels.3

In a way, none of this should be surprising to scientists. Because we’ve seen it before…

For Better Health, Eat Like a Cave Man 

Agriculture is a fairly new development in human history. In fact, according to Scientific American magazine, it’s only been a part of our lives for about 4% of human existence – around 10,000 years.

For the 240,000 years before that, we were hunter-gatherers. We ate the fruits, vegetables and nuts we could gather, along with lean meat we hunted. No grains, no refined sugars, not even dairy.

So what happens when people revert to this “cave man” diet? Amazing things.

You see, researchers at the University of California have tested it. When they put people on a “Paleolithic” diet, their blood pressure dropped like a stone. So did blood insulin levels. LDL (good) cholesterol went up. And they experienced “large significant reductions” in HDL (bad) cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglycerides.4

And this all happened in just 10 days!

Again, this shouldn’t surprise scientists. After all, our ancestors developed on this diet for nearly a quarter of a million years.

But what does it all mean to you?

Delicious Meals That Melt Away the Pounds

There’s no doubt about it. You can lose weight eating a low-fat diet and popping fat-blocking pills.

But wouldn’t you rather sit down to tasty meals (fat contributes a great deal to food’s flavor) that are both healthy and satisfying? Knowing that you’re building better health at the same time is a bonus.

I recommend natural foods. Avoid anything that contains refined carbohydrates or added sugars. Eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables. Go for grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and wild-caught fish. They’re healthier than factory-farmed alternatives.

Organic eggs are good, too. And nuts are another healthy addition to your diet. Just don’t overdo them… they’re high in fat. Almonds are particularly healthful.

“Going cave man” will help you lose weight naturally and safely. Plus, you’ll be building better health at the same time.

 Best of all, you can deep-six those awful diet pills.

 You won’t need them.

Yours In Good Health,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team
Best Life Herbals

Editor’s Note: As always, before starting any diet plan, it’s always best to consult with your physician and use a exercise plan to help with weight loss.


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