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Go Green For Powerful Prostate Relief

I’ve got some great news today for all you guys out there 35 and over…

That’s because researchers recently confirmed that drinking a couple cups of green tea every day can enhance your prostate’s ability to ward off cancer.
In the study, Italian researchers studied 62 men with pre-existing prostate conditions. Conditions that typically result in cancer forming in about 30% of the cases.

Half the men in the group were given a placebo while the other half was given a green tea extract. And the results were very one sided…

Of the 30 men in the placebo group 9 ended up developing cancer — right in line with the average. But – of the men in the test group who consumed green tea extract — only 1 out of 32 developed cancer.

That’s news we really need to be paying attention to because prostate problems are almost as certain as death and taxes if we live long enough. So anything that gives us leg up on this potentially lethal condition needs to be given serious attention.

But if you’re still in you’re 30’s or early 40’s and haven’t yet felt the pinch of a problematic prostate, don’t wait – it’s never too early to start bolstering your defenses.

You can buy either the green tea extract or the tea itself at most any health food store or whole foods market. And it’s not expensive at all — so give it a shot.

Stay Healthy!


The ONLY Prostate Supplement of the Market Today That Guarantees Total Relief from All Your Embarrassing Prostate Concerns!

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The Power of Perfect Posture
-Doc Darville

Keep your shoulders back…your head up…and your feet straight and you’ll start to notice the difference right away. It’s so simple but I promise you it works!

Most people have no idea that their posture – or the way they carry themselves goes hand in hand with their overall good health.

When you walk or stand with your body slouched – shoulders slumped forward and your head down it makes breathing from your diaphragm very difficult. And the results are:

Shallow breathing
Low energy levels
Muscle spasms
Even possible physical deformities

One of tricks I like to use to recharge my batteries when my butt starts to drag is to simply assume a more energetic stance and powerful stance.

I exaggerate my posture by standing as erect as possible – and instantly I feel a surge of energy run through my whole body. It’s sort of like letting your whole body take a deep breath.

Try it right now — imagine you have a rope tied to the top of your head that’s attached to the ceiling. Keep your shoulders back…feet pointed straight ahead…and your head up.

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This will not only increases the flow of oxygen through your entire body – but it also sends a message to your subconscious that you are full of life and ready for action – and believe me your body will respond accordingly!

And aside from the health benefits of having good posture it’s also much more attractive to the opposite sex. Girls especially…

When you stand properly it sends a message to every one that sees you, that you’re strong – confident – and full of life.

This is very attractive to women and men alike – and rightfully so! Nobody responds to someone that’s slumped over looking at the floor – it just looks sad.

So come on – head back and chin up – the instant surge of life you feel and the reaction you get from everyone around you will be instantaneous.

Stay Healthy!


Best Life Herbals

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