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Get FREE Content for Your Website

Get FREE Content for Your Website

Best Life Herbals publishes one of the leading health newsletters in the industry, The Journal for Healthy Living. Thousands of readers trust the Journal to deliver the latest, most accurate news on nutritional supplements, health research and related topics.

Many thousands more – perhaps your readers – would be thrilled to have this information. And now they can – and it’s FREE to you!

You may republish any articles from our vast Journal for Healthy Living archive (found hereat no charge. But we do have to insist on a few rules…

  • You may not claim the work as your own.
  • You may not sell any content, in any form, you receive free from our archive.
  • All article reprints must include the following statement: “This article is reprinted courtesy of The Journal for Healthy Living.”
  • The above statement must be accompanied by a backlink to

That’s all there is to it. Now you can have fresh, valuable content for your website whenever you need it. It’s quick, it’s easy… and it’s FREE!

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