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Fruit Salad to the Rescue

A couple weeks back my son Nick and I took our yearly father son trip out to Las Vegas – and once again we had an absolute blast!

It’s great, we usually plan our trip at the same time that The Ultimate Fighting Championships are in town so we can catch a few fights and meet some of the fighters.

And while were there we usually catch a few shows, see the sights, play the slots and of course we do a ton of walking.

There’s just so much to see along the Strip that walking three to four miles a day is pretty much the standard for our annual trips. And I guess it must be a hereditary thing because just like his dad Nick works hard, trains hard and doesn’t mind a little walking.

If you don’t mind a little heat you can catch the battle of the pirate ships in front of the Treasure Island Resort and then shoot over to watch the volcano erupt in front of the Mirage, both of which are spectacular.

Those are all freebies for us tourist by the way – and if you don’t mind a little walking there’s so much more you can see and do – and a lot of it’s free.

The only problem though, is all that walking makes me hungry. So when Nick and I are in Vegas we eat a ton of hot dogs – it’s kind of a tradition that we have and we’re actually starting to consider ourselves quite the hot dog connoisseurs.

I have to admit I love hot dogs and I always have – it’s one of my guilty pleasures. Me and Nick even have our own ratings system so we can keep track of all our favorites spots.

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This year’s big winner – and we both agreed were the dogs in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. If you’re a fellow dog lover I highly recommend giving them a try – they’re delicious!

But this year after a few days of eating nothing but white bread and processed meat (come on – I’m on vacation here!) my butt started dragging. So I decided that I needed something to get my butt back into gear.

And when I’m feeling down I’ve found that hands down the best pick-me-up money can buy is a giant plate of delicious fresh fruit.

So while Nick with beer in hand headed for the slots I broke off and headed for the nearest restaurant and ordered myself the biggest fruit salad you could possibly imagine.

It was a thing of beauty – just the way I like it too: cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries and grapes. And I’ll tell you it really did the trick.

Sure a fruit salad’s a great way to load up on vitamins and antioxidants – but it’s also Mother Nature’s best ways to recharge your batteries and keep your motor running at maximum capacity – especially in the bedroom!

Now I’ve enjoyed fruit salads in a lot of places but this one was special, and not just because it’s the exact way I make them at home.

No, when I arrived at that restaurant I was hot and tired and totally out of energy – I was even starting to wish I could just go back home.

But after that feast of fresh fruit and a nice cup of hot tea I was totally refreshed and ready to conquer Vegas again – so I called Nick on his cell and made plans to see La Reve at the Wynn that very night.

And wouldn’t you know it – we ended up walking there too – this time with a nice little bounce in my step and a brand new outlook on life.

I tell you – it’s amazing what a little fresh fruit can do for you!

Stay Healthy,


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11 Deadly Foods You Should Avoid
-Louis Hart

Food poisoning is a lot more common than most people think. According to the Center for Disease Control approximately 76 million Americans are affected each year, resulting in about 5,000 deaths annually!

That’s why I compiled this quick list of the 11 most deadly foods you’re going to want to watch out for. Because where would I be without my loyal readers…

1) Holiday Turkey – when you cook turkey or chicken with the stuffing inside it reduces the internal temperature of the bird which allows any present bacteria to survive. I know it stomps all over tradition but your safest bet is to cook your bird and the dressing separately.

2) Ground Beef – according to the Center for Disease Control the biggest threat of bacterial contamination comes from ground beef. Now personally I love rare meat, but when it comes to ground beef and burgers well done is the only way to go.

3) Old Peanuts
– always check your peanuts very carefully for signs of mold or discoloration. Old peanuts can grow a certain kind of mold that releases toxins that are very harmful to our bodies.

4) Raw Shellfish – avoid the raw bar at all costs. Shellfish, like oysters and clams should ONLY be eaten cooked – other wise you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

5) Sword and Shark – both fish contain dangerously high levels of mercury which is dangerous in itself. But if you’re pregnant, nursing or have young children you should be especially cautious.

6) Cookie Dough – I know its tempting to lick the beaters and the bowl clean while the holiday cookies are baking. But keep in mind batter contains raw eggs and raw eggs can be contaminated with salmonella which is potentially fatal.

7) Juice – un-pasteurized fruit juices can contain a host of bacteria, most notably E. coli and salmonella. Both very dangerous and potentially life threatening.

8 ) Caesar Salad – although it’s not as common as it used to be, there are still a few high end restaurants that make their own Caesar Dressing with raw eggs instead of a pasteurized egg product. So it’s a good idea to ask your server what’s in their dressing.

9) Lettuce – because it’s grown in such close proximity to the ground it regularly comes into contact with animal feces and sewage runoff – and that includes organically grown varieties. So make sure you wash your lettuce thoroughly and as an added precaution, you should remove the outer leaves and trash them.

10) Water – if your home is serviced by a private well I highly suggest getting your water quality tested at least once a year. Water contamination is so common, even with city water, that I had a reverse osmosis filtration system installed in my home last year.

11) Sprouts – a staple of many greens drinks and salad bars, sprouts have been known to carry salmonella and E. coli. So I highly recommend cooking all your sprouts before you eat them.

In your daily travels you’re always at risk of coming into contact with one form of bacteria or another. But if you continue to make smart choices about what you eat and how you eat it – you should be just fine.

So don’t cancel Christmas Dinner just yet!

If you’d like more information on the risk of food contamination and the potential hazard these bacteria poses you can read more at the website for the Center for Disease Control at

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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