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From the desk of Don Lockwood President, Best Life Herbals

RE: URGENT: Be on the lookout… your package is in the mail!

Dear reader,

In just a few days you will be receiving an important package in the mail that can drastically affect the quality of your life.

I’ve gone to great lengths to make sure it arrives safely at your doorstep. I even followed up with the post office this morning to make sure that your package has in fact been sent. It has.

It’s a magazine looking report guaranteed to change your life. The breakthrough research you’ll find within its pages will not only shock you – as it has the medical community at large – but will offer you a unique opportunity to be among the first in the entire nation to directly benefit from the discovery.

I’m stressing the importance of this package for two specific reasons.

1. Recent advancements in joint and pain research have led to a revolutionary new discovery that not only STOPS pain within just moments. It KEEPS pain from coming back (I’ll explain more in a moment…)

2. Because of the enormous demand already placed on this breakthrough product, our supply is extremely limited.

If you live in pain of any kind I want to make sure that you have first crack at making it go away – FOR GOOD!

Without letting the cat out of the bag, I can tell you this pain formulation has one key ingredient in it that makes it entirely different from every other pain reliever on the market.

This ingredient is so powerful (and rare) that most manufactures can’t get their hands on it (if they even know the latest research that supports its seemingly magical power). Luckily I’ve been fortunate to have been in the business long enough to establish some very good contacts within natural health world – and have secured a limited supply.

As for how quickly it works and how effectively it keeps pain at bay, well.. I GUARANTEE your pain will vanish in a flash. And STAY gone… for GOOD.

So please be on the lookout. It should be arriving any day now. When it does please take action immediately.

If it doesn’t arrive within the next 5-7 business days PLEASE contact us immediately. We will either resend it or email it directly to you.

So even if you think you MIGHT be interested – please take action immediately. Of course as with all Best Life Herbals products your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

Oh, one last thing…

If you’d like to order this breakthrough formula before your package arrives you can do so by going directly to But pre-orders are strictly limited to 4 bottles.

I sincerely hope you give it a try. You will be amazed. And I can’t wait to hear how you easy it was to overcome your worst pain!


Don Lockwood
President, Best Life Herbals

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