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It isn’t easy for health-conscious consumers like you to keep up with the latest medical breakthroughs and news on health supplements, vitamins and herbs.

Combing through scores of journals and thousands of studies takes too much time. And requires an understanding of medical terminology. Plus, many studies are paid for by manufacturers… and may be suspect. How do you know which ones are good and which ones aren’t?

Best Life Herbals makes it easy for you with The Journal for Healthy Living, our FREE newsletter packed with the latest breakthroughs… simple, hidden remedies… and easy to follow advice on how to live younger longer.

And you can have the Journal delivered right to your in box – absolutely FREE – so you can stay on the cutting edge of natural health. And as a new subscriber, you’ll receive 40% off on your first order from Best Life Herbals.


Inside The Journal for Healthy Living, you’ll discover health news you won’t find in other health newsletters. News such as…

  • How frying eggs can add to joint pain… and the simple cookware switch that cuts your risk.
  • The ingredient in your shampoo that can make you fat. The Journal revealed key nutritional supplements that fight toxins like these hidden in your household.
  • The secret of “Hara Hachi Bu.” Scientists believe it may be why so many Okinawans live past 100. It’s easy and it’s free!
  • The vitamin that clears away brain fog. If you’re over 60, there’s a 1-in-3 chance you’re not getting enough of this critical nutrient.

This is health news you can use today… to get more out of life… to live younger longer. And it’s yours for FREE.